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The Swedish band Girl Scout is so energetic, both on and off the stage. We met with them after one of their showcases and chatted about the crowds, their love of Austin tacos, and more!

So I know y'all are from Sweden. How has the travel been for y'all? How's the SXSW experience treating you?

Girl Scout: It's been good! Interesting - like here in America, you have these huge buildings, which we're not used to, but we've had really good fun. We've played three shows in two days, and all the venues have been so different, but it's been amazing.

What's been a highlight for you so far?

Girl Scout: Okay, so one venue had a taco bar.

We do love our tacos here!

Girl Scout: Yes! We've been loving having tacos every day. We haven't even done that by choice, but it's' like you can't escape it. Breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. Insane, but in the best way.

So I can imagine the crowds here are a bit different. What's the difference between a Swedish and an American crowd?

Girl Scout: The vibe is so different here. Here, people seem to really love and crave music. Everyone is just so passionate, and you can feel the energy. It's fucking amazing.

Growing up, were there artists that you all listened to that inspired your sound?

Girl Scout: Radiohead, for sure. We also all met studying jazz, so it was mostly that for a while, and we recently went back to Radiohead. We also love the Beatles, Nirvana, and a mix of alt-rock and contemporary bands.

With the jazz influence, how do you think that's helped with creating songs?

Girl Scout: I think it's the songwriting process, for sure. But even creating sounds for songs. I think the structures of old standards, and you can find those themes in our music. For some of it, I think we've subconsciously incorporated our jazz background.

I think this makes total sense. Kind of the differences between playing an instrument and knowing music theory.

Girl Scout: Exactly. It's so different from how I listen to and write music compared to when I started six years ago. It's an experience thing for sure, but at the same time, you just get better over time.

Which song is your favorite to perform?

Girl Scout: Do You Remember Sally Moore? I love that song. It's just so fun. And Monsters!

What's next?!

Girl Scout: We have an EP coming out, but no date yet, so stay tuned!

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