Liz Huett: You’re Never Too Flawed To Start Over

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We’ve been Liz Huett fans for a long time. She’s like your best friend that’s going to tell it to you straight. She doesn’t gloss over the hard truths, but it’s all about love and growth. Her new song, “That’s What You Get” is about how she had to rebuild herself after she hurt someone she loved. It’s raw and honest …

Ben Hazlewood’s “Grave Relief” Is A Song For Healing

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Ben Hazlewood’s gorgeous voice has always stood on its own, but with “Grave Relief” he brings a new layer to his music. The song is deeply personal but important for his fans, and everyone, to hear. Tell me about your song “Grave Relief” what’s the story behind it? Ben: Grave Relief is a song about my journey with mental health, …

New Music Alert: Lemaitre

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Lemaitre is comprised of Norwegian duo Ketil Jansen and Urik Denizou. Their latest, “Big” is following “Rocket Girl” with a Betty Who feature and if you know anything about me, you know I love Betty. Ketil says, “We were all on a Beatles vibe that day and wanted to try something that kind of sounded like that, but also sounded electronic and fresh. There are a lot of weird, out-of-tune sounds in the song, but big electronic drums playing the backbeat. For the outro, we played our own brass instruments (we can’t really play), to get a fun vibe going.

New Music Alert: ELA Lindsey

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ELA Lindsey’s pop synths and smooth voice blend together to make an amazing combination. The Nashville-based artist is popping up on everyone’s radar and for good reason. At 29, she’s proof there’s never a wrong time do chase your dreams. Her single, “Healing Me Slow” just dropped last week and it’s safe to say we’re already obsessed!

Why Parson James Deserves To Be On Your Playlist

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Imagine having your song achieve platinum status, and the first person to tell you is your own mother. That’s what Parson James experienced when his hit “Stole the Show” with KYGO reached this milestone. James laughs at this story and tells me, “Yeah, it’s crazy. My mom saw it on a dance music blog and called me up before I even got a chance to see it. It was an awesome surprise.”

The Greeting Committee Is On The Rise

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The Greeting Committee has been making waves in the music scene for a while. They’ve been opening for phenomena acts like Kitten, Misterwives, The Mowgli’s, and Andrew McMahon, but just because they’re the opening act doesn’t mean they go unnoticed, in 2015 they released their first EP It’s Not All That Bad, featuring their single “Hands Down” which has amassed over 6 million combined streams on Spotify.