CAPPA Wants To Change Your Mind

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I am OBSESSED with CAPPA and her music. I am so thrilled to have a new single to bop to in the middle of all of the madness going on in the world. Her latest, “Change My Mind” is a dancey tune to a not so great situation in dating, but that’s the best part about all of her music. It’s all light-hearted and instantly puts you in a better mood. 

Tell us about this new single, "Change My Mind?"

CAPPA: I actually wrote "Change My Mind" a while back with my friend Yuppycult and our co-writer Zoe Moss. I always knew I wanted to release it. It’s a tense time right now and the song is one of the more light-hearted and fun songs that I have in my arsenal, so it felt like a good time. It’s a summery, windows down sort of feel that mixes organic elements with the dance-y drops that I love.

How are you coping with social distancing? Our readers would appreciate any tips you're utilizing right now. 

CAPPA: It’s a really weird time! I don’t think anyone could have been prepared for this. I think anyway that you can keep up your normal creative or workflow is helpful. I actually just did an online video shoot for the song with my videographer. I’ve also been writing songs with friends via Zoom. Those things have been helping to create some sort of normality for me. I also think picking up a new hobby is helpful! I’m learning to knit. I also downloaded Audible to listen to audiobooks, which I would highly suggest for book readers! I just keep trying to remind myself that it’s okay if this feels weird or I have anxiety — everyone is in the same boat!

What music are you currently listening to?

CAPPA: The new Dua Lipa album! She’s definitely an idol for me. I’m also really enjoying the new Hayley Williams song, “Over Yet.” It’s a good optimistic song for this time. I also love the new All Time Low album (and they collaborated with one of my favorite bands The Band Camino!)

Any dream collaborators?

CAPPA: I feel like I’ve been saying this FOREVER but I would love to collab with Pharrell. I just think he’s a genius. I’m a huge fan of dance artists like Martin Garrix, Sam Feldt, and Galantis. I’d love to do a bigger dance collab! 

What can we expect from you this year?

CAPPA: I have an EP coming out early summer. Some of my favorite tunes I’ve written are on it, so I’m really excited for people to hear.

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