Catching Up With Easy Life

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I meet the members of Easy LIfe at their trailer as they enjoy their last day of Coachella. They’ve played a plethora of gigs and it’s just the beginning for the group. While new music and more shows are on the way, we got to catch up with them to talk about their first time in the desert.

Coming off of SXSW, how did you guys prep for Coachella?

We actually prepared by doing a lot of sauna time - we pushed ourselves to stay just a little longer each day until heading to the desert.

Your sound is a mix of hip hop, punk and rock - who and what have been some of your influences from the festival?

It’s been a wide variety and a huge spectrum. Sunday Service this morning for sure was very inspirational. Others include Childish, Anderson Paak, Billie Eilish, and Sofi Tukker. Sofi Tukker absolutely killed it on stage.

How do you as a group work together to start writing songs?

We normally start with lyrics and then go from there!

What makes festivals different from regular shows?

For festivals, we have to compress everything. We also feel like sometimes we have to try a little harder because the crowd is so different that you have to concentrate your energy to the crowd.

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