How To Dress Like Sabrina Carpenter

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When I found out Sabrina Carpenter’s new video was Legally Blonde themed I lost it. I’m so old I saw the movie in theaters, Elle Woods is iconic. I think Sabrina really nailed the vibe in a cool, modern way.


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CARLY RAE JEPSEN IS BACK AND WE CANNOT CONTAIN OUR EXCITEMENT. The new song, “Party For One” was co-written by Jepsen and produced by Captain Cuts and HIGHTOWER.  “Party For One” is available now! The song will appear on Jepsen’s forthcoming album which is set for release in 2019.  The video for “Party For One” was shot in New York City …

New Music Alert: Alex Stern’s “Fingers Crossed”

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I rarely cover country music, but I absolutely adore Alex Stern. Her songwriting is so relatable, emotional, and vulnerable. Her latest single, “Fingers Crossed” is a little more forceful than her previous singles, but in the best way. Her vocals are so strong in this one that you know she’s a woman not to be messed with. My favorite thing about her is she’s so wise beyond her years and I’m always thrilled and excited to premiere anything of hers.