Draumr: Things You Say To Yourself

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Draumr's music hits hard. His introspective lyrics really set a scene, and his matching visuals are so well thought-out and stunning. His new song "Things You Say To Yourself," with Matya shows naviagting challenges and dealing with the voice inside your head. We talked to him about the song and the way he plans his music videos.

How did you get started in music? 

Draumr: I got into music pretty young. I started singing in my school choir when I was about five. Then, I remember one day seeing my cousin play the drums, and I was instantly hooked. So, when I turned ten, I begged my parents for drum lessons. After that, I got curious about other instruments and ended up teaching myself piano and guitar. By the time I hit thirteen, I had put together my first band. Since then, I've jumped into a bunch of different music projects and just kept going with it.

Tell me about "Things You Say To Yourself." What's the story behind the song? 

Draumr: The inspiration for "Things You Say You Yourself" came from a conversation I had with Matya, who sings with me on the track. This was about two years ago when I was in the process of writing and recording my upcoming album. We had just met and ended up having this incredible conversation about our fears and the inner voices we all struggle with. During the conversation, Matya mentioned something about "the things you say to yourself," which really resonated with me because I was going through a similar phase of self-reflection and trying to navigate through those challenges.

I felt an immediate connection to those words and decided to channel that into music. In just two days, I wrote and recorded the song. I then asked Matya if she would be interested in co-writing a song based on our conversation. The theme of the song is quite universal—it's about not letting that inner voice control your decisions, avoiding risks, and pushing through fears to avoid missing out on beautiful life experiences.
As for the telephone conversation in the song, it's completely made up. I wanted to recreate the vibe of 90s and early 2000s R&B songs, where it was common to hear a singer having a phone conversation with a lover. I always found those moments to be cheesy yet heartfelt, and it was something I loved during my teenage years, so I thought it would be fun to incorporate that element into this song.

Tell me about the video and the series it takes place in?

Draumr: I've always loved telling stories, and each of my EPs or albums has two layers of storytelling. One layer is what I write about, which is usually deeply personal, and the other is a broader perspective that others might interpret. This album, in particular, tells the story of a character who hears the echoes of a female voice in his sleep. He keeps dreaming about her—not as a lover, but as an alter ego living the life he's always wanted in a sunny, happy place where he feels he belongs.

He goes through a series of dreams and nightmares, literally following his heart, which he carries outside of his body. In these dreams, he gets lost and mesmerized by this new world, falls asleep on the beach, and gets chased by his demons. This mysterious female character gradually appears in the videos like a guardian angel, singing a lullaby on a tape recorder, helping him find peace in his sleep, almost like Morpheus, the goddess of sleep.

In the video, he finally meets her for the first time. Initially, he thinks she stole his heart, so he chases her as she travels under this magical black blanket that extends into a colorful vortex and can take you anywhere. When they finally meet, he realizes he was wrong about her and experiences the peace he's been dreaming of, finally connecting with his "other self."

How do visuals play a part in your music? How do they work together?

Draumr: I honestly couldn't fully express myself if it was just through music. Whenever I write a song, I usually have these vivid images in my head, and I work really hard to connect everything together. That's why it takes me a while to release music—I want to create a unique and surreal experience, almost like a movie, where each song is a chapter.
Every video I make is connected to the others, with Easter eggs from previous videos or hints about the next one. I want the audience to be excited to watch it again without getting bored. I write and direct every video like a painting with lots of interesting details in it. This way, the visuals and music work together to tell a more complete and engaging story.

What else has been inspiring you?

Draumr: First and foremost, my parents have been a huge inspiration. Their generosity, kindness, and the dedicated lives they led have really shaped me. They allowed me to dream big and fully express myself, supporting me through all my ups and downs. I'm incredibly lucky to have had them raise me the way they did because, without their influence, the artist in me might never have emerged.

On another note, I've always been open about this—I struggled with depression and anxiety a lot in my twenties. Even though it was really tough, it helped me pay closer attention to the world around me and connect more deeply with people and my emotions. Dreams, melancholia, and nostalgia have been incredible sources of inspiration, especially when I started this project about ten years ago. It's also been very therapeutic, helping me find my way without getting lost in the chaos.

What has been one of the biggest challenges in your career?

Draumr: After many years of being a drummer in multiple bands, parting ways with my friends was tough. But the real challenge began when I decided to go solo and write my own songs. Believe it or not, this year marks the 10th anniversary of this project, and keeping it alive has been anything but easy.

Dealing with self-doubt, lack of confidence, and rejections was exhausting. From directing my own videos to producing, writing, networking, handling my own PR, booking shows, and performing live—I've had to juggle a lot of roles mostly on my own. Of course, I've had some precious help from a few people (they know who they are), but you can imagine how heavy this load can be for one person.

Today, I feel at peace with all these challenges and am genuinely proud of what I've accomplished. Being an independent artist these days is tough, and I think most people don't realize how much work goes into it. It's a constant hustle, but it's also incredibly rewarding.

What keeps you motivated?

Draumr: Honestly, it might sound simple, but I just love making music. Discovering new artists, going to shows, watching movies, and working with incredible people all keep me inspired. I've also found that changing your environment and being surrounded by the right people—those who believe in you and love you—is key to staying motivated and on track.

What's your best piece of advice for your younger self? 

Draumr: I'd tell my younger self to keep following that gut feeling and to step out of the comfort zone every now and then. It's also super important to surround yourself with people who truly love and care about you. Those are the ones who will support you through everything.

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