Eulene On Sleeping With A Ghost

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Co-written and produced by Grammy Award-winner Angelo Petraglia (Kings of Leon, Taylor Swift), Eulene's haunting new single, "Sleeping with a Ghost," marks the third cut from the Nashville-based singer-songwriter's forthcoming debut album, due out this spring.

Your new single, “Sleeping with a Ghost,” is all about dealing with loneliness. Has the track taken on a new meaning for you under quarantine?

Eulene: It has. I was walking recently in my neighborhood and "Sleeping with a Ghost" came on my playlist. It hit me as I was walking past a restaurant now empty of tables and chairs and the streets absent of people and cars. It was eerie and I realized I was totally experiencing a new layer of my own song. 

You wrote this track and your upcoming album with a “no instruments” rule. Can you tell us a bit more about that and how it affected your sound?

In an effort to move away from my own writing defaults, I set a rule in the writing room: “no instruments allowed.” Angelo (my co-producer) and I wrote each song solely to a rhythm track. The process was very experimental, but I had a strong vision for the end result. Creating this way helped me open my imagination differently with sounds and arraignments. It also took longer to create. There was a lot of trial and error involved.  

You’re a completely independent artist. How does calling your own shots affect your artistry?

There is only me to negotiate with myself, which happens a lot! Haha. Being on my own, I don’t have outside boundaries, rules, or expectations, so I can evolve authentically.     

Your sound is so eclectic and unique. Where does your inspiration to blend multiple genres come from? 

It was exciting for me to include different characters of music I love into this work— classical music, disco, pop, choral music, and angular elements. Experimenting with it all was how I found what worked for me.

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