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We met Chxrry22 backstage right before her Billboard Music Showcase at SXSW and she was just an angel and her performance was otherworldly. Opening for PARTYNEXTDOOR in front of a huge crowd, her voice effortlessly echoed over the audience and her sultry melodies quickly won everyone over. We talked to her about the inspo behind her latest album and what has been inspiring her lately.

What was the moment you knew you wanted a career in music?

Chxrry22:  Singing has always been my passion. I wasn't raised to believe it was an actual career, but when my first Instagram video went viral, I had an aha moment. That's when it became real to me. I kept pursuing it and saying yes to every opportunity. The stars aligned, and everything fell into place after that. 

Tell me about your album Siren. How did it come together? 

Chxrry22: I'm always making music so when I put projects together I usually start with something I already have and build on top of that, With Siren, I was spending a lot of time in LA working with new people. Over time, it developed into this sound and this character, I'm also extremely visual, so once I figured out how I wanted it to look, I directed the music in that direction as well. 

What's one of your favorite songs to perform live?

Chxrry22: Definitely Never Had This! It's very sexy, and I love that I get into character. 

What else inspires you besides music? 

Chxrry22: These days, what's inspiring me most is strangers. I find my interactions with people I don't know are far more interesting than people I do know. I also think traveling to new cities is really inspiring. And relationships lol that's where I draw most of my inspiration, for sure.

What artist have you been obsessed with recently?

Chxrry22: I really love Arca, and I also really like Kanye's new album.

What keeps you motivated?

Chxrry22: Myself and my team. Being better than who I was a year ago, honestly. 

What artist has been on rotation for you recently?

Chxrry22:  I'm loving Ariana Grande's new album a lot. Other than that, I'm really into oldies these days. 

What has been one of the biggest challenges for you in the music industry?

Chxrry22: I try not to dwell on that stuff, honestly. There are challenges in every industry. I think maybe ours is a little more glamourized, so people are more interested in them, but I will say I'd love to see more women in leadership roles. We've come a long way; I hope it continues to evolve. 

What's your best piece of advice for young women? 

Chxrry22: The sooner you accept and love yourself, the sooner and better life gets. It's not easy, but it makes the journey that much more fulfilling! 

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