Interview with JORDY: Pride Month Just Got Sexier

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It’s Pride Month, and your ears deserve to celebrate the occasion with a lively, seductive, and tantalizing new album from Los Angeles-based pop singer JORDY.

After releasing a more emotional and vulnerable project last year with his sophomore album, BOY, JORDY is back and fully recharged — but this time, things are getting a bit more spicy.

SEX WITH MYSELF is the title of JORDY’s latest album, which is a 7-track journey exploring hookups, heartbreak, sex, and unapologetic love. Every song is unabashedly queer and transports one to a wild night out on the dancefloor. All seven tracks off the album allure listeners with their catchy melodies and playful lyrics of sexual desire, self-discovery, and self-love.

The talented singer-songwriter released three singles before the album’s release, including his steamy hit song titled “SECOND MINUTE HOUR.” Both the track and music video perfectly encapsulate JORDY’s new era, which highlights the importance of exploring one’s own body and sexuality. Another one of his singles, “CAN U HOST?, further radiates a sensual atmosphere with sizzling synths, magnetic vocals, and an intoxicating chorus.

JORDY spoke with The New Nine about his brand-new album, SEX WITH MYSELF, his plans for Pride Month, and his favorite up-and-coming LGBTQ+ music artists. Keep reading for the full interview!

Hi JORDY, I’m so excited to chat with you about your new music – but let’s talk about your older music first. Over a year ago, your song “Story of a Boy” ended up going viral on TikTok in such a beautiful way. It’s a song that ended up being a super powerful anthem for trans creators discussing their transitions. What’s it been like seeing the success and virality of that song after its release?

JORDY: Oh my god, it was such a beautiful, beautiful experience! Truly! That was something that I truly never expected. I feel like before you go into a release cycle or a release for a single, you’re trying to come up with all the ways to market the song and how to get it to the most people. [The virality] was something that was completely done by the people who heard the song, and that was such a cool thing to wake up to all these beautiful trans creators using the sound. It was beautiful. When I went on tour, I was able to meet a bunch of incredible people that Story of a Boy” meant a lot to. I’m so grateful and happy that it took on the life that it did. It’s something I’ll never take for granted. It’s been so beautiful to experience.

You released your album BOY just last year, and now you’re already nearing the release of another new album titled SEX WITH MYSELF! Where did the inspiration for this title come about, and when was the moment that you knew it would be the title of your new project?

JORDY: It’s funny! SEX WITH MYSELF was probably one of the last songs I wrote for the project, and I just knew. As soon as we got that song and that hook down, I just knew. I also knew that that session would be special, because it was the same group of people that I wrote “SECOND MINUTE HOUR” with, which was the first single off of this project that really took a life of its own on the internet. Coming out of a label deal and being dropped at the end of last year, and this being my new independent era, I wanted to do something new and wanted to do something that was authentic to me. I feel like for the past two albums with Mind Games and BOYI really explored a lot of my sensitive and emotional side. When I was dropped, it kind of turned into, “Okay, you have all the freedom in the world. The possibilities are endless. What do you want to do? How can we do something different and fun?” I wrote “SECOND MINUTE HOUR” first. As soon as I wrote that song, I was like, “I think it’s time for my sex era! I think it’s time for my sexy bop era.” I wrote all the songs, had a session with the same group of people, and we wrote “SEX WITH MYSELF.” After we wrote it, I thought this title was exactly what I was going for with the project. I feel like with a lot of these other songs, it might seem like I was singing about other peoplebut I kind of took a step back and realized that so much of this chapter was me really coming into myself, discovering more of myself, exploring my sexuality, working on shame that’s been attached to sex for me for so many years, and really letting go of that and feeling liberated by it. When we wrote “SEX WITH MYSELF,” I loved that it was aimed at myself. I love that it’s self-love, and I hope it inspires people to get into themselves a little bit more. I even saw a comment the other day that was like, “Anyone of any gender, any sexuality, anybody at all can relate to that song!” At the end of the day, every single person could benefit from loving on themselves a little more. I’m just really pumped about it.

How would you say BOY and SEX WITH MYSELF differentiate from each other the most as projects?

JORDY: I think with this project, my biggest goal was to have fun and not take things as seriously. I feel like with BOYthere were a lot of moments of healing and a lot of moments of letting go of other parts of my life. It required a little bit more vulnerability, and it was a more emotional process. Going into this album cycle, I feel like I was at a really low point at the end of last year. Typically, I would say as a songwriter to chase that feeling and that vibe that you’re living in, but I was like, “I think I need to be writing exciting and fun music to get me out of this funk.” I just started going to the studio and started coming up with random phrases and funny sexual moments like “CAN U HOST?” I just came into the studio and was like, “I want to write a song called ‘CAN U HOST?’” I just wanted to have fun, be weird, and have a good time. I feel like this project was definitely more about that.

Your new song “CAN U HOST?” is definitely a relatable and sexy little number for the gays of our time. Could you describe what the process was like of creating this song and how it came to be?

JORDY: Okay, so I literally was just like, “What an iconic phrase!” We all are familiar. I walked into the session with my friends Perrin and Matt and was like, “Well, I know this might sound weird, but can we chase this idea? It’s called ‘CAN U HOST?’” They were like, “Fuck yeah! Absolutely!” That one, we wrote it really quickly. It came out of us just really quick. Perrin, who I wrote three of the songs with on this project, she’s so good at listening to me ramble and just typing away at all the key funny phrases that I would say out loud. It just came out super, super quick, and we had a great time doing it! It was amazing.

Another single you recently dropped is “NICE THINGS,” which focuses on the rejection of being with a man who’s filthy rich but rude. Because we’re valuing kindness over wealthiness this era, I wanted to ask about dating on a budget! If a man were to take you on a first date to a fast food restaurant, what fast food restaurant would you choose?

JORDY: Ooh, um… I’m going to say In-N-Out. I’m getting an animal style cheeseburger, and I want the fries well done. I want the chopped chilis on the side, pickles on the side, and a Diet Coke.

The music video for “SECOND MINUTE HOUR” is so fun and perfectly encapsulates the vibe and atmosphere of this new era! What was shooting that video like?

JORDY: Oh my gosh, I was so nervous! It was the first time where I was like, “I want to dance, I want to move, and I also want it to be with someone else!” I knew that we were going to get an incredible dancer, and I was nervous that I was going to look like someone who has no idea what they’re doing. Christos [Tsiantoulas], who is my love interest in the video, he was just so incredible, so fun, and so sweet! We had a really good time together. We met each other in rehearsal, and we just clicked. He’s a good friend now, and it’s really nice and fun. We honestly got into it. We let go of all inhibitions, we totally went for it, and we made this beautiful, sexy video! I wanted it to be moody, candlelit, and sexy. I felt like with the kiss, it just felt like the perfect moment to introduce this next chapter, letting people know what direction I wanted to go in and what direction I am going in. I love that video so much, and I’m so glad people have been loving it too.

Can fans anticipate any more music videos from you for this new era?

JORDY: Yes, they can! They can indeed. I filmed the music video for “SEX WITH MYSELF” last week, and that is being edited now as we speak!

Is there a music video from another artist over the past few years that you’d say really left an impact on you or inspired you artistically?

JORDY: I was just talking about the “New Rules” music video the other day by Dua Lipa. I just feel like it’s such an iconic music video. The choreo and the cinematography of it, I feel like that was such an influential moment in pop culture. Obviously, Dua just put out her new record and I’m obsessed with it, but it made me kind of flash back on “New Rules.” It’s one of my favorite music videos ever, and it’s so much fun! It’s the best song ever.

Pride Month is rolling in, and your album also drops during Pride Month! What are your plans for this June, and what would you say your overall vibe has been like during Pride Month over the past few years?

JORDY: My vibe during Pride Month is chaos in the best way! It feels like that Lady Gaga video where she’s like, “Club! Bus! Another club! Another club!” It’s definitely a busy time but my favorite time. Everyone’s just happy to be together, celebrate, and come together to dance and let go. This year, we’re playing Dallas Pride, Boston Pride, and I’m playing a Times Square show in New York City. I’m really excited for all of these shows, and I definitely will be doing some sneak peeks from the album as well. I’m excited about that.

In honor of Pride Month, I would love to also highlight some other LGBTQ+ artists in the music scene right now. Who are some LGBTQ+ artists that you love and would like to see get more recognition?

JORDY: BRONZE AVERY is a good friend. He’s incredible. He’s an incredible songwriter, pop star, and just so good. VINCINT is also an incredible artist. I adore VINCINT and just love them to death. I love the music they’ve been putting out. I’ve been a FLETCHER stan, stan, stan! I love her and love the new album. She’s killing it, and I’m so excited to see where she goes. Chappell Roan is obviously blowing up right now, but she’s such an incredible, incredible artist. It’s just cool. People are gay and amazing right now, and it’s dope!

Closing out this interview, what would you like to tell fans about what they can expect from JORDY for the rest of 2024?

JORDY: SEX WITH MYSELF is out by the time this article comes out. It’s out! Also, by that time, I will have announced a fall headline tourthe SEX WITH MYSELF TourI’m very excited! I’ll be going around to 15 cities across North America, because we’re stopping in Toronto as well! We’re doing a tour, and I’m going to hopefully be putting out more musicSEX WITH MYSELF is on the shorter end project-wise, in terms of length, so I’m excited to maybe put out a little deluxe or some more music. I’m not done yet! I have more to say, so yeah!

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