FLETCHER’s Sold-Out Show At The Music Hall Of Williamsburg Brings An Inspiring Sense Of Authenticity

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Words by: Alex West

Every show has its own particular energy curated by the artist, the city, and some sort of factor that I have yet to define. For FLETCHER the energy in the Music Hall of Williamsburg immediately transcended through the mix of different people that came out for the show. It was electric and energetic, but more importantly: it was raw and real.

Photo: Ali Fitzgerald

Supporting her EP, "you ruined new york city for me," FLETCHER’s New York City date some-what ironically sold out, and fans showed up eager to the concert. FLETCHER did not disappoint. Her on-stage presence can best be defined as authentic. When FLETCHER comes to the stage, she brings with her not just a ray of confidence, but one that has clearly been built up over time and crafted into her very own unique brand of empowerment.

Photo: Ali Fitzgerald

Fans were able to connect with her and identify with the way she paints her music and journey in truth. It was the little things that stood out: the commentary about her eye shadow, re-wearing pieces of her tour outfits, down to the way she sat, her legs dangling off of the stage, allowing herself to be briefly a part of the crowd, connecting with the energy that she carried.

Photo: Ali Fitzgerald

It was beautiful to watch her interact with her fans. It was breath-taking to watch her fans connect with each other. Her music had been created out of raw and real emotions and her show wouldn’t dare lose that energy, it would rise to meet the standard. However, FLETCHER’s vocals alone were the spotlight in this web of truth. They were pure and stunning.

Photo: Ali Fitzgerald

Everything about her performance was structured in a way that created a conversation about heartache, growth, and an honest mental state. It was something special being shared and discussed, through music, between FLETCHER and the fans who came out to support and engage with her music.

Photo: Ali Fitzgerald

Shows like this are a reminder of artistry in music. She developed a show that wasn’t about any amount of spectacularity, but just about being around others who understood. It was about the pureness in her voice and the safety that could be found in her audience. That particular idea created the energy that I previously referenced, one of searching and discovery, but also one of understanding.

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