Fleurt’s “Nihilist” is a Classic Created from Boredom

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a viewpoint that traditional values and beliefs are unfounded, and that existence is senseless and useless

Indie Pop artist, Fleurt’s latest single, "Nihilist" is a relatable glimpse into the human psyche; describing the feeling of boredom and the unknowing anticipation of what the future holds. The lyrics outline the realization of what was once yearned for, may not be what is desired anymore. Fleurt’s smooth vocals blend into the upbeat melody to create an easy listen with a deep undertone. Her voice is the standout aspect of the song. While the beat is simple and delicate, Fleurt’s singing adds to the complexity of the song’s meaning. Fleurt doesn’t need to rely on a catchy beat or an over-the-top façade. Her uniqueness is instantly expressed through her voice.

"Nihilist" could not be more relevant. Amid a global pandemic, the modern world has so many conflicting sides and opposing contradictions. With a mellow pop rhythm, this song asks the listener to revisit their personal crossroads and think about the next stage in life.

For being so effortlessly classic and chic, Fleurt vocalist, Alessandra Licul creates an authentic candor with her strong verses. She creates a pleasant soundtrack to speak the inner thoughts she and so many others may have about their current situation. The listener cannot help but hum along, while also wondering, “Am I also a nihilist? What exactly is a nihilist?” Fleurt creates a mysterious narrative around a relatable topic.

Licul sings, “Will I ever be satisfied, haunted by the thought that I am wasting my life.” Although these lyrics may seem dismal, the melody provides an uplifting outlook of necessary self-reflection. Inspired by nostalgia pop, Fleurt is the positive pseudonym for the melancholy trials of life. "Nihilist" is nothing short of successfully executed melancholy pop.

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