Getting To Know Rosie Darling

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Rosie Darling is the perfect moody, pop synth singer-songwriter for an afternoon when driving through the canyon. This might be from personal experience, but her songs about love and growth are too incredible not to resonate. We go to talk to the songstress about her EP, tour, and more! 

Rosie, so great to talk to you! What are you most likely looking forward to on tour?

Rosie: Definitely hearing people sing along with me! It is my first tour, so it's uncharted territory for me, so I'm excited to experience all of it!

So tell me, what was it like to create this EP?

Rosie: I wrote this EP during covid and sort of about the different highs and lows I think we all experienced during this time. The pandemic brought about a lot of changes for everyone, and I just wanted to capture those feelings of sadness, grief, anger, etc., while also keeping the songs upbeat so they weren't too depressing!

Which of the tracks is your favorite? 

Rosie: Say Less! I just love how it's a rant about life and relationships and all of my frustrations.

And which of the ones are you most proud to put into the world?

Rosie: All of them!!!

Who are some artists that have inspired you that have helped you shape your sound? 

Rosie: So many. I'd say Coldplay, Halsey, and Taylor Swift, just to name a few 🙂 

What's next for this year?

Rosie: Hopefully, more shows, and more music!

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