Niki Black’s Enchanting Dark Pop

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Los Angeles-based artist, Niki Black, is preparing for the release of her forthcoming album LILITH, which will strike a considerable chord for women with its overarching themes of empowerment. Niki’s spell-binding blend of music represents her mixed heritage, and the many genres and artists her parents separately introduced her to while growing up. Her upcoming single, “The Other Man” is …

New Music Alert: KAYTA’s “TY”

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KATYA just dropped her new song “TY” and we can’t get enough of it. She effortlessly blends hip-hop and R&B with a sound that is truly hers. Her vulnerable and honest lyrics are the standout and this song keeps with her empowering theme. KAYTA explains, “In the past years, my circle of friends has significantly gotten smaller. I was the type …

New Music Alert: Andrews’ “Through The Night”

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The love and support of those closest to you can go a long way, especially through ups and downs. It’s also important to address these people, so they know that you not only appreciate that support but take to heart them being in your corner. Being a musician has its ups and downs for sure and indie-pop artist andrews’ wanted to thank those who stuck with him through a season in his new song “Through the Night” premiering Friday August 31st.

Lola Marsh’s Songs Will Be Stuck In Your Head All Day

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There’s a good chance you’ve heard Lola Marsh’s song “Wishing Girl” it starts with whistling and a ukulele. It’s whimsical and catchy and will be stuck in your head for days. Lola Marsh consists of Yael and Gil and the duo is just as enchanting as their music. They came to Austin all the way from Israel for SXSW and we started with an intricate discussion on Texas culture. They talked about when “y’all” was appropriate to use, visiting local bar The White Horse, and Yael’s opossum sighting.

LP’s Lost On You Is The Best Album This Year

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I was beyond nervous to talk to LP, I’ve been almost obsessively listening to her album Lost On You since it came out. I say this without hesitation, it is my favorite album this year and it would take a lot to knock it down. I was so excited to see her at Hangout Fest that I made my friend wait with me for two hours in the burning heat at 2 p.m. because I just HAD to be front and center. It was an amazing performance, LP delivering those crazy vocals flawlessly,twirling her microphone in the air and casting a spell over the entire audience. I was mesmerized.