Heartbreak Weather Track By Track

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As someone who (by complete accident, I promise) saw Niall Horan three times in concert for his Flicker World tour, I am stoked for sophomore album. It was truly an experience getting to listen to this album track by track and write my thoughts after multiple listens. As a full-fledged and self-proclaimed 1D fangirl, I have loved watching him transform as an artist over the last 10 years. So without further ado, here is a track by track review of Heartbreak Weather. 

Heartbreak Weather

I thoroughly enjoy that the title track was also the opening track for Niall’s sophomore album. It reminded me a bit of “The Tide,” and a few tracks off of 1D’s FOUR, but all of those comparisons aside, I must say that this was the ONLY opening for the album. It gives you the hope and feeling when you find someone new to crush on, which is exactly what this track is about, mind you. Niall gave us some bops to dance to for this era and I for one am thrilled. 

Black and White 

Is it too bold to simply say, “I’m sorry to whoever marries me one day because this will be the track played at our wedding?” I am in love with this song and I think it encapsulates the feeling of wanting to be with someone for forever. It’s honestly a track that you would play in your mind as you picture your wedding day with the love of your life.

Dear Patience 

If you were missing hints of ‘Flicker’ Nialler, don’t worry. This track was created for you. A guitar-strumming Niall pleads for a long lost love in “Dear Patience.” It discusses the beginning stages of a relationship. It’s a reminder to not rush into anything and just take the pressure off and enjoy each other.  This track is also perfect for your morning cup of coffee. Yes, I say this from experience. 

Bend the Rules

Another soft pop track. When I first got to this one, I was taken aback. Is this smooth, deep voice THE Niall Horan? Unsure who this is about, but it does go to show that there are two sides to every story and sometimes the rules may only apply to one party of the relationship. And if you’ve been watching this season’s Bachelor. Sorry, Peter, we don’t need to hear your side. 

Small Talk 

If you follow me on Instagram, I guess the secret is out. “Small Talk” is my top track from Heartbreak Weather. It’s upbeat with a little bit of pop synth plus a little bit of bad boy Niall. What could you possibly want? “Let’s skip all the small talk and go straight to your room.” I mean COME ON. 

Nice to Meet Ya 

I’ll be honest, when this was the first single released from the sophomore album, I wasn’t feeling this single and I was kind of unsure of what to expect from NH2. An edgy Brit-pop tune, of course, but I will say this is one of my least favorites from Heartbreak Weather. 

Put a Little Love on Me

Reminiscent of “Too Much To Ask,” I have to question, who hurt you, Niall? It’s that longing and missing feeling from someone you loved. Paired with a piano melody, this is the track for you to listen to when it rains outside and you want to stare melancholy out the window. 

Arms of a Stranger

Again another somber track, but this is a track you will catch yourself screaming to an invisible audience - whether in your own house or even in your car. This is probably the ultimate break-up track on Heartbreak Weather. “You left me with nothing” echoes throughout the entire song. It describes the scenario when you do find someone new and you want so badly to get over your ex, but you also can’t stop thinking about them.


The urgency in the chorus mirrors the anxiety and uncertainty you face after a break-up. It’s like you can’t go anywhere, do anything without any traces of your ex. Everywhere you go, you seem to run into them. 

Cross Your Mind 

Another top 3 track for me from this album. It’s the situation when you are both living your own life, but often do you leave room for the other person? If you were a fan of One Direction, which I would assume that you are if you’re reading this, you’d probably somewhat agree this is the answer to 1D’s “Temporary Fix.”’ “Love the way you hurt me and it doesn’t even cross your mind” is truly the only reaction after you catch feelings for someone. 

New Angel 

Back to the 1D references, yes, I too thought of “Hey Angel” and “Only Angel.” This track is a bit different, though, because it goes through Niall singing about a new lady in his life. Someone to come up with the pieces his breakup left him in. While I wanted to hate this song (solely for the Angel part), it ended up growing on me and I find myself dancing to this while getting ready in the morning. 

No Judgement 

Okay, “Since We’re Alone” stans, where are you at? This is the closing chapter to that track if we’re being honest. I loved this track since it dropped and I still do. It’s pretty self-explanatory as far as the lyrics go. It’s simply being comfortable with someone on a superficial and intimate level and there’s just no judgment. 

San Francisco 

Why do artists insist on San Francisco? I mean, I enjoy the city, but I need answers. Niall, 5 Seconds of Summer, anyone? This country-pop sounding breakup song has Niall missing the Californian city and the girl tied to that trip. 


“Still” is exactly what you would think of a track. It’s the track you sing when you’re still in love with your ex, even when the relationship ends. The sophomore album sort of takes you through the ebbs and flows of a breakup and new relationship, and while they are a bit out of order as far as stages, the melodies and sound make this the perfect closing track. 

For me, this is going to be a top album for me of the year. I know we’re only in March, but after the hellacious week we’ve had in the news and the world, I think we need feel-good pop music more than ever. And as for the sophomore slump of albums that most artists experience, I think it’s safe to say that Heartbreak Weather will not be experiencing that.

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