Heartbreak Weather Track By Track

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As someone who (by complete accident, I promise) saw Niall Horan three times in concert for his Flicker World tour, I am stoked for sophomore album. It was truly an experience getting to listen to this album track by track and write my thoughts after multiple listens. As a full-fledged and self-proclaimed 1D fangirl, I have loved watching him transform …

LANY’s Debut Album Is Sheer Perfection

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Sam: I have to credit my two friends, Wade and Trey, for convincing me to listen to Los Angeles-based trio, LANY. LANY’s songs are exactly what you would imagine California is like. No matter where you see them perform, you’re instantly transported to the west coast. My first LANY experience was intimate, lustful, and just real. Paul Klein’s presence, with Jake Goss drumming and Les Priest providing synth beats, created one of the most personable performances I’ve witnessed. Not to mention each lyric that echoes from Paul is ridiculously relatable.