New Music Sunday: May 23rd 2021

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Olivia Rodrigo made this her year, this is the album we’ve all been waiting for and it does not miss. From start to finish Olivia’s anger, sadness, her emotions are so palatable and it’s relatable even if you’re in your 30s and reflecting on that first heartbreak that still stings when you look back on it. She says, “There’s nothing …

Heartbreak Weather Track By Track

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As someone who (by complete accident, I promise) saw Niall Horan three times in concert for his Flicker World tour, I am stoked for sophomore album. It was truly an experience getting to listen to this album track by track and write my thoughts after multiple listens. As a full-fledged and self-proclaimed 1D fangirl, I have loved watching him transform …

An Open Letter To Zayn Malik

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Where do I even begin? My name is Kasey Coble, and I am a full-on #Directioner. What I am not, however, is a Directioner who still supports you in your solo endeavors. Don’t get me wrong – I am on board for the solo careers of Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis in whatever it may be: singing, acting, reality TV judging, etc. The difference is that they went about pursuing solo activities the right way and YOU did not.