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It’s funny - you hear an artist on the radio and you add him to your list of artists to interview and about 2 weeks later, you get an email to talk to that exact same artist. I first heard John K’s “If We Never Met” when I was just driving around my hometown for the holidays and fell in love with the catchy lyrics. Since then, the track got a remix with pop-country princess Kelsea Ballerini. Now, with his latest, “6 Months” we’re so excited to see what he's coming up with next!

So, first, tell me about “6 months!” We’re so excited to share it with everyone. 

John K:  The cool thing about my team and something I really love is that we all draw from each other’s experiences. “6 months” was inspired by one of my guys who was really missing his girl while we were away on a long writing trip. It’s a song about longing for the person you love and wanting to get home to them soon. I immediately connected to how he felt, and we wrote it together. I feel like the emotion in this song is one that a lot of people can relate to.

I first heard "if we never met" on pop radio before it made its way into my playlists. What was the inspo for this incredibly catchy song?

John K:  The inspiration for ‘if we never met’ is and will continue to be all of the incredible people around me that continually encourage and inspire me to be better.

What made you want to collab with Kelsea? I adore her and I think her voice meshes SO perfectly!

John K:  I couldn’t agree more, Kelsea is absolutely amazing. When I was writing this song (with Steph Jones) we initially heard it as a duet and actually talked about how good Kelsea would sound on this record. Fast forward a few months later and we were working on a version together. She was without a doubt the perfect person for this song.

Tell me about "Wasted Summer." Loote is a freaking legend!

John K:  Loote! Emma and Jackson are friends of mine and when Teamwork sent the track over, I loved the energy in the song and knew it was something I wanted to sing on immediately. We went to the studio on the same day and started working on it.

What is your writing process like?

John K:  The writing process is different every time. Usually, the first 20 minutes consists of catching up and connecting with my co-writers, but secretly we’re looking for anything that can spark some creativity in the room. Like I said we pull from different experiences. I remember talking to Steph Jones about my story of how the John K project came together and she said, “oh wow if you never met all of these people in your life you wouldn’t even be pursuing music.” And that’s when we had our concept.

What are you excited most about for this year?

John K: I’m excited to release new music and tour. I want to meet fans face to face and thank them for supporting the music all this time!

What's next?

John K:  I just dropped “6 months”. It’s a vibe. Equal parts Robin Thicke and Pink Sweats. Get ready though, so much more music coming this year!

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