Kyle Reynolds Is The Boogieman

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Kyle Reynolds has been a friend and an artist I admire for a while. His upbeat pop songs are exactly what you need to get you through a rough time. It was so wonderful to catch up with him as he released his latest, “Boogieman.”

Boogieman has a ton of synth beats and it's slightly different than your other pop songs. What was the inspiration for the single?

Kyle: Yeah, the production is a bit different and more quirky than some of my other songs for sure! Though I didn’t touch much of the production for Boogieman (produced by Brandon Taylor), I always have a pretty strong say into the direction of my songs and I’ve been getting really into fun sounds like what you hear in Boogieman. Anything weird makes me really excited haha. The inspiration when writing it was the exhausting cycle of starting to date someone then either them breaking it off or me breaking it off because of deeper lying issues that rise to the surface in the form of “I’m scared of commitment.” I remember writing it and thinking I was writing a song about someone else the whole time, then quickly realizing, “Dang, if I’m being honest, this song is about me too.” I’ve learned that sometimes I have to tell myself a song is about someone else to get honest about how I feel. My main goal with the song was to give you a glimpse into what millennial 2020 dating looks like, but keep it light and fun. The chorus is pretty real and kind of heavy but something that you could shout with a smile on your face. I’m a huge fan of sad songs over happy chords.

I know you've been busy creating music during this time, what can you tell us about those songs? 

Kyle: I can totally tell you about those songs. My weeks of working have really been cycling around 4 things. Making songs for Kyle Reynolds, writing songs to pitch to other artists, DJ features/EDM toplines, and I’ve also been producing an EP for a really talented artist named Mackenzie Bourg! This has been a rollercoaster and real hard time for everyone, but one positive thing about it is that it has given me time to work on my artist stuff again. I’ve been really grateful for that. If it wasn’t for quarantine this song probably wouldn’t even be coming out to be honest. The good thing is that not only is Boogieman coming out, but tons of other songs for my own artist project. 

How have you been keeping busy? 

Kyle: I’ve been keeping busy by making music, trying to get better at guitar, watching production tutorials, cooking, hanging out with my girlfriend, working out, and many many walks. 

What are you most excited about this year?

Kyle: I’m most excited to be with people again. I really miss writing songs with my friends and also writing songs with strangers. I can’t wait to hang out in a group again and laugh. I’m also really really excited to share all this new music with you guys. It’s been a long time coming; some of these songs I even wrote up to 4 years ago that are finally going to get released out into the world.

Anything else you want to add to this piece!

Kyle: Thank you Samantha and The New Nine for always being so supportive of me. It means the world

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