LAYZI Is A Name You Need To Know

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Is there any better genre to listen to than soft, indie girl pop? The answer is obviously no. Within 30 seconds of listening to Layzi’s music on the SXSW playlist, I knew I had to meet her. We got to see her perform at a pop up at Buffalo Exchange and later that week at Las Perlas. If she isn’t already on your playlist, she needs to be. 

So how is your South By experience going?!

Layzi: It’s great and super fun! 

What's been your favorite part so far? 

Layzi: Favorite part? I think just seeing everyone - fans, all the bands I like! I mean, I have never been to a festival before.

Oh my god! Your first? Performing AND attending?

Layzi: Yes! It’s everything! 

What’s been your favorite part about performing? 

Layzi: Just getting my music out to people. You know, like, there's always gonna be people there that you don't know and don’t know you. But then again, there’s always going to be that group of people who will find your music and vibe with it. 

No, that’s so true and one of the best parts of the festival, IMO. So when you're looking for inspiration for your songs and sound, what is your process like? 

Layzi: I actually don’t listen to any other music beforehand. I don’t start with words or notes either - I’ll go back to my own music and I start with a beat. 

Seriously?! Just music?!

Layzi: Yes! For example, I’ll start with the keys and then start writing. I’ll add the chords, and then some notes on the guitar. I’m always doing instrumental first and I’ll let that tell me what to say. It’s like subconsciously my brain knows what story to tell. 

It’s never planned out?

Layzi: No, it’s more about the moment for me. Either real or some hypothetical situation I want to write about. 

When did it all click? When did you decide this is what you were going to do?

Layzi: When I was 18, when I was a senior in high school. I was also a dancer and I realized then that wasn’t what I wanted to do. Both my parents also play instruments, so it was very natural for me. 

Which song is your favorite to perform?

Layzi: “Nothing Ever Feels Right” because I think it’s very different from the recorded version. It’s better - ya know some songs are just better live!

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