Letters To BLACKPINK: Fans Write In From Discord

emilytreadgold #1, Editorial, Features

When I first saw BLACKPINK at Coachella in 2019, it was a performance I will never forget. From watching them at the Sahara stage to headlining the main stage just four years later was incredible. As a mild Blink and never experienced a real K-pop concert, the fans were so welcoming. We had so much room for being so close, and my friends and I were able to move and bounce around. It was a top-five live performance of ANY kind for me.

Prior to going to Coachella, I took a plunge into the world of Discord and met a handful of fans who told me their stories of why they became fans, their favorite memories, and how the platform has brought them closer together.

"I became a fan summer of 2020 or around there. Being a part of the community here on Discord is awesome. You get to speak with people that have the same interest as you and make lots of fun memories and talk about your experiences. With the group (concerts and such), I've also made many friends over the years. I've been in the community, and I also have a Twitch stream where I stream BP content I've edited and also a YT channel where I upload K-pop videos I've edited. Editing is one of my big passions, and I love doing it, so being able to share BP videos I've edited with the community is very rewarding and fun. My favorite and most meaningful memory with BLACKPINK is when I went to their concert in Copenhagen, and I got to meet them at send. Off after the concert, I got to talk to Jisoo and took a selfie at the send-off. It was a real bucket-list moment in my life to meet them and attend their concert."

I am Jen, and I am 14 years old and from Sydney, Australia. I became a fan in 2019, and BLACKPINK means the world to me. They've helped me through my worst times. I feel so loved being in the Discord group because everyone is so nice. My favorite part of being in the fandom is how sweet and loving everyone is, and they all do a great job of keeping me up with BLACKPINK. It's like a concert all the time.

I'm 13, and BLACKPINK means a lot to me. It's been awesome being part of the community. The moderators are nice, and the people are so great to be around. My favorite is Jennie, of course, and my favorite memory is seeing them in Seoul.

I started listening to Blackpink in 2017, shortly before "As If It's Your Last" was released. For me, BLACKPINK is one of the best groups to have ever graced the music industry while also leaving a broad impact in fashion and acting. I joined the Discord server for BLACKPINK in May 2021, and I'm glad to have found people who share the same passion for the group and the things they do from time to time while also being able to talk about other things and artists I like. I honestly do not have a favorite part of the fandom, but if I had to say it, it would be the passion most Blinks have for supporting the members in what they do and always expecting more from them, plus many being able to see them live thanks to the ongoing world tour. - I do not have a personal Blackpink memory: I have only ever seen them in pictures and videos, I have never had a physical album, they have never been to my country, and I would rather not attend anything they were to do here to save money for important diligences. Honestly, the closest big BLACKPINK memory I have is seeing the "Pink Venom" and "Shut Down" music videos right as they premiered, nothing less, nothing more.

Samantha Fong

"At 15 years old, I begged my mom to take me to Walmart to get Taylor Swift's debut deluxe album and I never turned back. This was my very first entry point to stan fandom. Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee I was exposed to a ton of music - from rapping 3 6 Mafia to bopping to Justin Timberlake's solo discography. Now, in LA have a day job working in nonprofit development, but by night, I'm a full-fledged fangirl. I'll listen to generally any genre, but I'm a sucker for a good pop song. If you ever need someone to scream sing Carly Rae Jepsen's E·MO·TION with, I'm your girl. No, I still have not gotten over the One Direction hiatus. Please continue to respect my privacy. Twitter : samfonggg, Instagram : samantha_fong"