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Linsey Urrea's new song "I Must Love You" perfectly captures those early feelings, her vulnerable lyrics and sweet voice just emphasize her emotions and its radiates throughout her music. We talked to her about the new song and what's been inspiring her lately.

How did you get started in music?

Linsey: I got my start in high school by writing lyrics and melody for my brother's band. During this time, I was still too shy to sing my own songs in front of people, but I loved watching others perform songs I wrote and singing in the school choir and jazz ensemble. When I got to college in Nashville is when I really started to grow into myself and gain confidence as a singer and writer. My sophomore year, I joined the band Goodie Bag, and after three years, I decided to depart from the band and pursue my solo music.

 Was there a defining moment when you knew you wanted to make music your life?

Linsey: When I was still in Goodie Bag, we played a show in Nashville a few months after our debut single, "Strawberry Shortcake," came out. For the first time, I could hear the voices of a crowd singing one of my songs with me word by word. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude that all these people had taken the time to not only listen but learn the words and show up to our show. The song is about a pretty painful experience, so seeing such a beautiful moment come from it made me realize I wanted to do music forever. 

Tell me about your song "I Must Love You," what's the story behind it?

Linsey: I went to a baseball game with some friends, and before we met up with the group, my best friend and I went to the bathroom, and as I was looking in the mirror, putting on some lipstick, my best friend said to me, "You never wear lipstick who are you going to see?" When she asked me, I immediately thought of one of the guys in our friend group and was a little shocked at myself. During that baseball game, I couldn't stop thinking about all the little things I'd do when I would see this one specific person, but I was in such denial that I had feelings for them. The next day I had a session with Robyn Collins and told her about the experience, and she said to me, "Well, you must love him," and from that moment forward, the song basically wrote itself as I reflected on all the little things I was doing that revealed my true feelings.  

Who are your favorite influences, whether they're past or present?

Linsey: My influences are all over the place, but some constants are Gwen Stefani, Stevie Nicks, Beabadoobee, Kacey Musgraves, and Dua Lipa.  

What has been one of the biggest challenges for you in your career?

Linsey: Since leaving the band, one of my biggest challenges has been finding my sound. With the way that we consume music now, oftentimes, we instantaneously jump from one genre to the next. Sometimes I have to center myself and ask how I pull from all the different things that inspire me in a way that is uniquely me.  

What else has been inspiring you lately?

Linsey: This new season of life has been very inspiring. I just moved back to California after living in Nashville for five years, and even though change is uncomfortable, I feel like I am evolving as a person and am entering a new era creatively. I've been working with so many new people and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I'm excited to see what music comes out of this year. 

What's your best piece of advice for women in music?

Linsey: In my own experiences in the music industry, I've found that nine times out of 10, there are more men in the room than women in both creative and professional spaces. This can be intimidating, but don't be afraid to speak up and always fight for your creative ideas. Your ideas matter just as much as anybody else's. A woman's perspective is so valuable. 

What are you most excited about this year?

Linsey: I'm most excited about releasing more music and playing more shows. This past year I've written more songs than I ever have in my life, and now they are finally being put out into the world. This is always scary, but I'm so happy that they are finally being heard.

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