Lucy Whittaker Drops Acoustic Video for Who’s Gonna Know

emilytreadgold #2, Premiere

Lucy Whittaker is breaking onto the scene and giving us so much new beautiful music. Now she's released her song "Who's Gonna Know" with a new gorgeous acoustic video.

"Who's Gonna Know" breathes authenticity, a blend of perfect pop melodies featuring urban and electronic influences throughout. A grooving beat underpins Lucy’s effortlessly smooth vocals whilst Yizzy breaks the track down and takes us on an epic lyrical journey. Speaking on the release, Lucy tells us:

“Who’s Gonna Know’ embodies my new sound – it’s darker, grittier, and more honest than anything I’ve released before. The track is about the dark desires that everybody feels at some point, and trying to keep those feelings hidden (whilst also giving in to them). It’s so cool to have Yizzy featuring on this track – his sound suits it perfectly. When I heard his vocals on the song for the first time, it felt like we’d found the missing piece. I feel like people need to hear this.”

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