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ELA Lindsey’s pop synths and smooth voice blend together to make an amazing combination. The Nashville-based artist is popping up on everyone’s radar and for good reason. At 29, she’s proof there’s never a wrong time do chase your dreams. Her single, “Healing Me Slow” just dropped last week and it’s safe to say we’re already obsessed!

ELA, you're proof that there is never a wrong point in your life to follow your passion. Was this decision hard for you?

ELA: Yes! Deciding to do music at this point of my life was hard, and is still hard sometimes. I'm almost 30 years old, and what you see on social media are usually teens pursuing this passion at an early age. There is this culture of expectation, I guess, that it's time for me to settle down. But when I talk to other older creatives, they all say they really started to find themselves at this age. Your 20's are for exploring and your 30's are when you really figure out who you are.

Can you tell me the story behind "Healing Me Slow."

ELA:"Healing Me Slow" was written with my producer, Joe, and another co-writer, Lindsey. Joe put together a track idea, and we started working on the lyrics. We began with the verses first, then the hook of the song, and finished it off with the bridge, all in one session. I knew it was a pretty contagious hook and loved it even more, the more I listened to it. The meaning of the song actually came later. I didn’t really realize it at the time I wrote it, but it sums up my life perfectly.

What's your creative process like? Songwriting, lyrics, music, etc.

ELA: I get little melody ideas with a few lyrics. That's usually how it starts for me. Honestly, with co-writing, I tend to lean on others more than myself. I feel I'm still growing.

This song is extremely honest, real, vulnerable. Is that hard for you to convey sometimes through your songs?

ELA: No! Writing songs is the way I process. What is hard for me, sometimes, is finding the words to say all that I'm feeling.

Did your background and childhood inspire your lyrics in any way?

ELA: In this case, it didn't as we were writing the song in the moment. But when the meaning of the song came to me later on, it felt personal. I guess you can say I see myself in these lyrics. The whole “come close so I can tell you to go” bit. Sometimes I struggle with building walls in relationships. I'm learning to be bold and communicate and be vulnerable.

What can we expect from you in the coming year?

ELA: Hopefully more music! I might be re-releasing a few songs I've done in the past, but hopefully more new music and touring.

Do you want to add anything else? 🙂

ELA: I'm really excited for this new project and I appreciate anyone who listens!

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