New Music Sunday: February 7th 2021

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

I was immediately entranced by Jordan Danielle's sweet voice and relatable lyrics. This so is so effervescent and it really sticks with you. She has this kind of innocence in her voice that breaks your heart and you just feel every emotion she sings. She's definitely an artist to have on your radar!
ella jane's songs are hypnotic. You just can't escape them. Her lyrics are intense and there's this hint of danger lurking in her melodies. It feels edgy but also shimmering at the same time. She get's a ton of Lorde comparisons and you can feel that but she's an artist in her own path and you need to be paying attention.
HYRA's voice HYRA's melodies, I'm just floored by her music. It's so effervescent and uplifting. This song just sticks with you, it's confident but vulnerable. It feels like the pop songs I grew up with, unapologetically intense with nothing to big and nothing too much.
I don't know if I could even fathom a more ethereal vocal duo than Zella Day and Weyes Blood. The dreamy vibes in this song are off the charts. It fits both of their aesthetics so well and it feels so heavenly listening but also heartbreaking.
Julietta's new EP is a gorgeous project from start to finish. The EP is about the healing journey and you really feel a sense of catharsis with this. It's gentle and light but moody at the same time. Each song is a standout but they flow together so well. "Dopamine" is one of our favs, her bright vocals lilting over the catchy chorus. You feel like you're flying.

Polartropica's dreamy cover of The Everly Brothers classic is my ideal kind of cover because she really puts her own twist on it. This song gives you all the feels.

She says, "This recording is a dreamy love letter dedicated to my dear friends and family that I miss so much, and a present from my heart for anyone feeling sad or missing loved ones during this time.  2020 was such a painfully difficult year for so many of us and the beautiful art, music and activism were the beacons of hope that got us through."

Disco Shrine's new EP is exactly what you need to elevate your week. She effortlessly blends relatable lyrics with out-of-this-world melodies. She's creating her own sound and it's so distinctive. Disco Shrine is basically allergic to the ordinary and it shows. She radiates bad bitch energy. This is what you listen to when you need to take over the world.