New Music Sunday: July 18th 2021

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Ellie Gadzos knows how to escape, her song "Fiji" is about that happy place you go to when you need to tune things out.

She says, "When I wrote my tropics-inspired debut single 'Fiji,' I was in a really bad place at school, wanting to fit a certain mold and be popular. I kind of lost myself in the process, so getting away to find me and my happiness again was the only thing on my mind."

Rachel Hart's "Shortcuts" has delicate instrumentals and really highlights her angelic vocals. The gentleness of it all is really what caught my attention, it's so beautiful and heartbreaking, but soothing at the same time. When she repeats, "anymore" with the horns coming in the background, it feels so nostalgic. This song takes me back to like prime indie-girl 2012 in the best way.

Morgan Vie embodies the chill-girl voice, this song is dripping in cool tones. It's laid back but carries so much weight at the same time. It's like your inner monologue, kind of reassuring but it could just loop in your mind.

Morgan explains, "The meaning of Sonder is 'the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own' (Koenig,John). Ultimately I thought the word “Sonder” fit perfect for the lyrics. This year has been a time of self growth and reflection for myself."

“Since when did taking time take all my life?” Clairo's new project is full of poetic lyrics, moments of pure heartbreak, and absolutely flawless production. This album really progresses from her debut in a beautiful way, it still has that youth and angst but it's elevated. 
HYRA is easily one of our fav up-and-comers right now, her lyrics are so cheeky and these 80s-tinged melodies just make for such a fun song. She really has her own style and it bleeds through her music. This is definitely the kind of pop we're all about right now, it has so many layers to it. This is HYRA's year.
Revenge Wife's new EP is the perfect introduction, her delicate voice and the user-specific lyrics are balanced by the sparkling production. Revenge Wife really makes her own world, it's so intricate and the visuals are the cherry on top of everything.