New Music Sunday: May 9th 2021

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

The album we've all been waiting for! "A touch of the beat.." is a sprawling work filled with gorgeous melodies, those signature vocals and that effervescent pop sound we all crave. Aly & AJ are truly showing off their strengths, ranging from the balladic "Hold Out," to the made-for-a-road-trip "Pretty Places," there's a lot of ground to cover.

“Being able to create this album over the last year has been the most fulfilling piece of art we’ve made to date,” said Aly & AJ. “This truly feels like the album we were born to make.”

Lily Kincade's dreamscape of a song, "Real" is exactly how you feel at the end of a fling, like you want so badly for the other person to at least acknowledge what you had. It's this beautiful, desperate plea surrounded by these sparkling melodies. Lily Kincade is definitely someone you need to have on your radar.
When it comes to haunting vocals, MARG lives in my mind rent-free. Her voice is so soothing, her lyrics just break your heart, and the slow-burn structure of her songs will creep up on you. It just makes you want to cry in the best way, that sense of catharsis that just lies in her music. It never fails.