New Music Sunday: October 3rd 2021

emilytreadgold #1, New 9 Tracks

Charlotte Sands is back again with her brand of angsty pop-punk.

She says, "'Every Guy Ever' is a song about every guy, ever. You say that you love him, and he’s like 'whatever.' You say you don’t want him, he wants you forever. It’s a song that started as a voice memo in my phone when I was drunk with my friends walking home from a bar. It’s a song for anyone who has ever been lead on or left hanging and is tired of dating different people and dealing with the same old shit."

HYRA's new song "Miss Understood" is a nod to the classic pop sounds of the likes of Britney Spears and Lady Gaga and on a deeper dive, a take on how messed up the music industry is, and it's embodied in her whispery vocals and instantly addictive chorus.
MARG's dreamy, sultry vocals make her songs so hypnotic and her new track "Full 180's" is perfectly fits in line with her catalog. It feels like it puts you in a trance, the way her voice just drips over the echoing chorus, you can't get it out of your head.

“Reckless” is an in-your-face rebellious track about digging your own grave. The duo kicks it off with a powerful R&B-style vocal that bursts forth with fiery intensity as soon as the beat drops. A wildly danceable track, the beat lulls you into a sense of security while the lyrics warn of the deep-seated need to revel in bad behavior rather than overcome with vulnerability.

Their quintessential harmonies belt in perfection as they warn, “If it gets heavy/I’d make it stronger/If it's not smooth/I'll make it rough/You wanna window/I'll make a door/My middle names more.” 

Annabel Gutherz just released her debut album, "Loose Ends" a gorgeous project that explores these complex and imperfect defining life experiences with a diaristic touch. 

She says, “Many times in my life, I was unable to get closure. Instead, I was left to bear the weight of the words I never said and the inescapable memories that tethered me to my past, suspending time. Understanding my need to let go of these ‘loose ends,’ I turned to song."

Elegant, quirky and impossible to ignore – Montreal singer-songwriter Kaylee Patterson infuses pop with folk elements to create a truly one-of-a-kind sound. Kaylee released her debut single in the summer of 2020.

Her new single, “Pinky Promise,” is an overwhelmingly bittersweet story about love, heartbreak, and how some things should simply not last forever.

Gracei Abrams has such a knack for compelling storytelling and her new song "Feels Like" perfectly combines that talent with her ethereal vocals with dreamy melodies.

With a beautifully minimalist sonic palette, “Feels Like” finds Abrams revealing new textures of her mesmerizing voice as she shares a moment of everything feeling just right after moving to NYC and living with her best friend