New Music Sunday: September 22nd 2019

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Sasha Sloan, our sad queen, is back at it again making us a weird mix of happy and sad.

Sasha told Line of Best Fit, "I can’t stop writing songs lately that are about the big picture. I wrote this song called “Smiling When I Die” which is about wanting to be smiling when I die, literally. I wanna do everything and see everything... A lot of it is about my own personal issues with my body and how I see myself and there’s a song coming out called “Good Enough” which is probably the saddest song I’ve ever written in my life. It’s a lot of self-reflection. I recently went through a break-up with a friend of mine and I wrote a song about that, which sounds like a break-up song, but it’s actually about one of my best friends.”

Minke always gets us in the feels. Her new song "Rest" is a gorgeous and emotional song about losing a friend.

She explains on Instagram, "I wrote this with my favourite partner in crime wynne in New York 2 years ago and after being put on hold for another artist for a long time, and having already put my EP out, I wondered if it’d ever see the light of the day. So, I’m ecstatic it’s finally out...I wrote it about losing a friend, which I feel is a heartbreak people don’t talk about as much but is equally devastating and affected me as much and maybe more than any break up has. But in a wider sense - it’s also about being kind to yourself. Take a second. Rest and recharge and don’t ever feel guilty doing that. You can help people the most when you’re at your best. I should definitely take my own advice."

Kensington Moore writes with such an open heart and her new song "Addict" shows off that vulnerability that we love.

"My first love had just ended things with me and I was extremely hurt,” explains Moore on the song. “I always say I’m a savage and like to appear badass and tough on the outside. I really didn’t want to admit to anyone, especially myself, that the thought of him completely consumed me, all day - every day. I tried so hard to fake it and act like I was fine, but missing him controlled every piece of me. It got to a point where I was like ‘okay.. is this normal? Because I feel like I can’t even function without him.’ I think that feeling is pretty typical after your average heartbreak, but at the time it was hard for me to decipher if that hole in my heart was just a habit, or actually something I couldn’t live without. Let me just say.... I’m still here and breathing just fine.”

FLAVIA just dropped a deeply personal track about her polyamorous relationship and she's not holding back.

She shared on social media, "Does She Like It Rough? is the first song I wrote about my polyamorous relationship with my long term boyfriend. It addresses my curiosities, my jealousies, and the power I felt as I transformed into a woman that was comfortable and confident enough to share my partner with another woman. In the song I ask my bf not to forget about me as he falls deeper into the arms of someone else. This song talks about the highs that come from breaking social norms and pursuing unconventional relationships in a predominantly monogamous world. 'No rules as long as our love’s never fading.'"

Anna Clendening needs to be on your radar. She just dropped her new song and we're in love.

“If I’m Being Honest” pairs stark and sparse guitar with a soulful solo vocal. On the verses, she delivers a heartfelt send-off to an ex before a hard-hitting hook, “If I’m being honest I miss you, but I hate you at the same time.” 

Additionally, she brings her words to life in the accompanying lyric video. From a significant other’s point-of-view, we follow Anna around Venice Beach as the camera’s movement mirrors the shaky status of the relationship. 

Earlier this week, she opened up about the song on social media by writing, “I dated a pathological liar. I felt our entire relationship was a lie. I wrote him a song- an honest one-If I’m Being Honest.”

FINNEAS has really become one of the biggest artists this year. His writing is so poetic.

In speaking about the new song, FINNEAS reveals, “This song is about trying (and failing) to convince yourself that you’re over someone. Remembering all your absolute favorite things about them and pretending they mean nothing to you now.” He continues,“I wrote it on a toy guitar in a hotel in New York while we were on tour this summer. Just a Lil indie movie darling.”

OBB just dropped their catchiest song yet. "Foolish" is a cute end-of-summer jam that makes you feel like sunshine.

Frontman Zach says, "We wrote 'Foolish' to try and capture that idea of how, when you fall in love with someone, you can start to act a little crazy or foolish. I've done some silly things while trying to impress somebody I was interested in!"

Kitten can do no wrong! They just dropped the title track to their upcoming EP "Goodbye Honeymoon Phase" and it's some of the most original music out there right now.

Chloe told Rolling Stone, "I call the sound Avril Lavigne meets PC Music."

With lyrics like, "Every time we fall in love it feels like forever, till the castle turns into a cage. Maybe there’s another day, week or year together but we both know something’s changed. I’m slurring all my words. You hit me where it hurts. Somehow it only gets worse, goodbye honeymoon phase."

You KNOW this upcoming project will be a masterpiece.

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