New Music Sunday: July 11th 2021

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Angel Olsen announced that she’s releasing an 80s covers project and I cannot be more thrilled. I love cover songs, I love Angel Olsen, I love how she’s translating these covers into her own world. Laura Branigan’s “Gloria” is reimagined into this haunting track that takes such a dark turn on a song that sounds happy but has those darker …

New Music Sunday: May 30th 2021

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Baker Grace’s angelic voice and vulnerable lyrics work together so well. Her shimmery, pop songs always have this sensitive underlying introspective current. On her new EP she says, “I’ve been missing that part of me that I had when I was a little kid, where you just enjoy and appreciate every little moment. I want to put that into my …

New Music Sunday: September 22nd 2019

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Sasha Sloan, our sad queen, is back at it again making us a weird mix of happy and sad. Sasha told Line of Best Fit, “I can’t stop writing songs lately that are about the big picture. I wrote this song called “Smiling When I Die” which is about wanting to be smiling when I die, literally. I wanna do …

Everything That Happened at Coachella 2018

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Coachella is truly a magical festival. The sprawling scene is so large that my friend’s Fitbit countered over 20 miles that we walked. Coachella’s allure starts with the location: the desert sky, the mountains in the background dotted by art installations, the hot but dry weather, it’s truly beautiful.