Why I Will Love Prince Forever

emilytreadgold Editorial

I didn’t listen to Prince a lot growing up. I started listening to him in college. Then as I grew to love him and his music he helped me understand myself. I was always kind of weird, and I always wanted to be like every other girl in my school. Even after college when I started internships and new jobs, I never fit in, but I’d try so hard to fit in. The one person who could finally help me accept all the weirdness in the world and not care what a single soul thought about me was Prince. Not a lot of girls my age are quite as fond of Prince as I am, but I just found him to be one of the most unique characters I’d ever seen. I dressed as him for Halloween a couple years ago and I felt so empowered. He became a symbol of me celebrating my unique identity and embracing my quirks in a way no one else could’ve taught me.