Tayler Buono Is Breaking Free From The Noise

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Pop singer-songwriter Tayler Buono is telling it like it is with her new single, “Screen”, out this Friday, along with her self-shot music video. “Screen” oozes cool pop vibes, with a matching aesthetic in the video, but its central theme focuses on the detriments of social media.

“Screen” delves into the unfortunate reality that our generation exists in; the fabricated identities that we carefully construct and cultivate on our social media accounts can ultimately become our downfall. While in many ways, I’m sure social media has helped aid in your music career, but in what ways has it hindered you in terms of crafting your own personal artistry? Is it difficult to release music with so many other influences filling up your screen?

Tayler: Social media is an amazing tool as an artist to reach people but it can be a struggle. Sometimes the world feels so loud and social media is filled with so much noise that it’s hard to turn it off. If you’re constantly watching what other people are doing it’s hard to focus on your own path. I’ve learned that I need to protect my mind and be kind to it. Some days that might mean staying off social media so I can be present in the moment and focus on my art. I wrote “Screen” about falling into the comparison trap or illusion that everyone has their life together. The reality is that none of us ever really have our lives together and never will. Life is a rollercoaster and we will have ups and downs for the rest of our lives. We all have our own paths and it’s not fair to compare based on the life you see someone live on social media. Social media can either connect us or isolate us. I really want to use it to connect more. I think it’s important to have honest conversations about our mental health, not be afraid to be real, and support each other. Everyone is most likely going through something right now so it’s important to be kind.

I see the music video was shot completely on your iPhone. What was this process like for you? Obviously, it has been difficult to leave the house lately. As an artist, how was quarantine life been in terms of working at home, songwriting, etc.?

Tayler: At first I was overwhelmed and didn’t know if I could pull off filming it on my iPhone by myself but it ended up really coming together! I pulled a lot of all-nighters shooting. I put my phone on a tripod and shot in my bedroom, living room, and on a green screen that I ordered online. I honestly had so much fun!

Working from home has been okay. I’ve just been trying to make the best of it. It’s crazy how we’re all working through our screens lately. I’ve done a few online writing sessions but I’m really starting to miss being in the studio and I can’t wait ‘til that can happen again soon! 

Also, while in quarantine, the introduction of social distancing has only increased our time behind a screen? How do you find ways to cope with that? How does it affect your creativity?

Tayler: To be honest I definitely felt like I was losing my mind a bit at the beginning of all this. Some days I remember my eyes would physically hurt from looking at a screen so long. It’s crazy because so many of us depend on our screens for work, school, socializing, news, reading, workout videos, entertainment, etc. I try to protect my creativity and mind by making a point to put my phone down during the day and take care of myself. I take deep breaths, do yoga in the sun, watch the sunset, take baths, play guitar, or call a friend for a good life talk.

I see that you recently left your record label, which I assume must’ve been a difficult decision. How has your experience been, thus far, working independently?

Tayler: It was hard because my music got put on hold for a long time but I learned a lot through that experience and it allowed me to go into a cave and just write for a while. All the life I went through during that time inspired my upcoming project so I’m really grateful for it. I feel like I have a fresh start again now as an independent artist. I’m open to opportunities and am so excited to be releasing music again!

Follow Tayler Buono on Instagram to stay updated with all of her new music releases, and stream and watch “Screen”, out now. This inspiring pop singer-songwriter is ready to make her mark within the music industry. 

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