The Driver Era: Turn The Music Up

emilytreadgold #2, Concert Reviews

The Driver Era wrapped up their East Coast tour with a captivating performance in Toronto, igniting the stage with "Turn The Music Up" right from the start. The energy skyrocketed when VALÉ joined them on stage while singing "Malibu," surprising everyone with their dance moves. 

They sang "On My Own" from Teen Beach Movie, which was a reminiscing experience for fans of Ross from when he was on Disney. It was a special moment for them to see Ross now, commanding the stage with his infectious energy, reminding them of the journey from TV screens to sold-out concert venues.

A rendition of Drake's "Nobody Knows" added a local touch to the performance. Reflecting on the tour, they expressed gratitude to their fans, declaring it the best tour yet due to the incredible people they've met along the way

The encore was an homage to Toronto, as they emerged in personalized Maple Leaf jerseys. Fans were truly in for a treat as VALÉ joined them on stage for a cover of "American Boy." In class fashion, Ross took off his jersey during the final song, "Kiss."

Throughout the show, the atmosphere was electrifying, with fans exchanging heart finger signs and chanting fervently. Ross commanded the stage with his charismatic presence, while Rocky exuded a calm yet magnetic aura. Riker's dynamic guitar skills and stage antics added to the show, ensuring an unforgettable night for all