Emblem 3’s Reunion Tour Showcases Strong Independent Artist Identities in an Awe-Inspiring Way

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Since June 2014, Emblem 3’s (Keaton Stromberg, Wesley Stromberg, and Drew Chadwick) uncertain future as a band has been unclear and often speculated about by fans. It’s been a rocky road of teasers, solo work, and more. While there was no formal “break up” post, the three artists found themselves exploring their own musical sound and projects that all seemed …

The Maren Morris Live Show Is Exactly What We Needed This Year

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The last time Maren Morris and her band performed for a Los Angeles audience, it was at the iconic Greek theater pre-pandemic. This week, they finally returned to the stage for a full set streamed to a Los Angeles audience thanks to Verizon.  The setlist included both new songs and old favorites, with a special focus on “Better Than We …

The Jacks At Barracuda In Austin

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Every member of The Jacks probably dresses better than you, and they definitely have better hair, but they’re more than just LA pretty boys. They perform with a polished yet energetic precision. Not missing a beat during their shows even when they manage to kick over two beers onstage. They just keep going, as any good rock band should.

Taylor’s Doing Better Than She Ever Was: Reputation Review

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It’s been 10 days since my reputation tour and it’s taken me this long to put into words the impact of seeing Taylor live after 3 years. I’ve been a Swiftie since I was 16, and now at 28, the only thing that’s changed is the admiration I have for Taylor. From her self-titled debut album to reputation, I grew up with each era she released. When all my friends changed from year to year, Taylor was the one constant I had. Her music was always there when I needed it.

Snow Tha Product Is Woke

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What if I could guarantee you that there is something missing from your iTunes library? I promise you there is. That something is Snow Tha Product, twenty-something female rapper hailing from California, to be exact. Now, I like to say that I am in the know-all of what is happening in music, but for the past few years, Snow Tha Product has somehow been off my radar.