Violet Days – Made In My Head

emilytreadgold #3, News

If you follow us, you’d know we’re obsessed with Violet Days. Her EP, Made In My Head, dropped a couple of months ago, but it’s stuck with me and I can’t put into words how refreshing it was to speak with her. Walking up to Verve, I saw this platinum blonde in an orange hoodie and cheetah print coat and knew she was going to be the best to talk to.

She told me she had this vision for this project. “It was so weird. I found this comic book that I’ve had for years that I bought at a secondhand store and I hadn’t looked at it prior to creating this project.” When Chris was looking at it, he pointed out that it was so reflective of our story and our songs that we wanted to make this a visual for new project.

Each song was a different project. “Super Smooth” was easy to create the story and it flowed very easily. “Cocaine Kisses” was written after we watched the movie “Drive.” For us, this was a song that could have been featured on the soundtrack if we had it our way.”

She tells me each song was written a few years ago. She was just waiting for the right time to compile them all together. The EP is a perfect blend and worth adding to your playlist.

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