This Week’s New 9 Tracks

  • Lots of our fav bbs out with new songs.

    1. We really needed some more from The Kills.
    2. And also we always need new CHVRCHES.
    3. EBEN will be your new obsession.
    4. Fickle Friends got us in a happy summery mood
    5. Cyn is the indie-darling that you need in your life.
    6. SMOKE by BOBI ANDONOV is an insanely ear-wormy jam.
    7. Diggin the vibe of this song by LOVE SICK.
    8. FOXTRAX is killing it rn.
    9. SUR gives us some new songs that just make us want to drive for a long time.
  • Lots of our fav bbs out with new songs.

    1. So excited for new 5SOS.
    2. AND Company of Thieves is back.
    3. Bea Miller’s entire new album is perfection but this song really gets us.
    4. Just looping this new Bishop Briggs song to stay motivated for anything.
    5. Robinson’s voice is just so perfect.
    6. Janelle Monae is channeling Prince in this song so hard.
    7. Little Boots giving us some spacey electric jams.
    8. Always stoked for new The Night Game.
    9. I am just loving every new song The Aces put out.
  • Lots of our fav bbs out with new songs.

    1. We’ve definitely missed Nightly.
    2. Lauv really landing it with this one.
    3. Kim Petras has outdone herself.
    4. Shamir has the perfect song for you homebodies.
    5. We couldn’t be happier that our favorite live-band Kitten is back with new songs.
    6. Vera gives us this shimmery dreamy sultry perfection.
    7. Michael Blume just writes songs that are too relatable.
    8. Getting some 80s vibes on Mainland’s Hometown.
    9. Westover gives us a bittersweet song about friends.
  • Lots of new songs and new loves.

    1. Lauren Ruth Ward is the second-coming of Janis Joplin and this song is sexy af, I’ve been thinking about it since her show.
    2. Mallrat and Allday are the perfect combo.
    3. This song is so danceable and catchy, Jesse Saint John is definitely the next big thing.
    4. Loving the new Sizzy Rocket song, her lyrics are too much, they’re too close to my feelings.
    5. James Bay is back baby.
    6. Loving the shimmery dreamy vibes of Riah’s new song Prom.
    7. It’s in agreement that COIN’s new song Growing Pains is straight fire.
    8. Chelsea Lanke’s sweet voice and catchy melodies will have you hooked.
    9. Rozzi’s “Never Over You” really shows how personal she can get with her songwriting.
  • New year, new music.

    1. So obsessed with this catchy song by Caitlyn Scarlett.
    2. Brasko is giving us some seriouse Prince vibes on this insanely sexy song.
    3. We’re all about this song about Marisa’s experience in the industry and realizing that this is her career and she’s no ones pawn.
    4. Been looping this song all week, Jade’s voice is perfection and this song is so genuine and sweet.
    5. No description needed, CHVRCHES is back.
    6. We’re just constantly obsessed with how sultry CLOVES songs are.
    7. Josephina has got some feelings in her new song, we love this vibe.
    8. New stripped down version of You Be Love just shows off that crazy Billy Raffoul voice we love.
    9. Sub-Radio has some synthy summery vibes that are getting us hyped.
  • Killer new pop anthems.

    1. Nova Miller gives us this classic infectious pop anthem.
    2. Loving the 80s vibes on the new DYLYN.
    3. Elohim is going to blow up this year, we’re calling it.
    4. Sweet catchy indie electric vibes from LINES.
    5. A little electro fun from Humble & Bliss.
    6. Loving Ciaran Lavery’s voice on this folsky song.
    7. Sylvan Esso giving us some dancing jams.
    8. New Handsome Ghost album is so perfect.
    9. The Aces are like the indie girl band we need rn.
  • More songs for your week.

    1. Dylan Dunlap giving us some sweet indie pop perfection.
    2. Man we love us some Lucius.
    3. Liz Huett doing a Tom Petty cover is what we needed.
    4. Our pals Northern National are back and they have a cool new vibe.
    5. Can’t stop listening to Leyya, it’s totally fine.
    6. Cub Sport keeps giving us dreamy vocals.
    7. Landon Sears has the freshest jams right now, just puts you in a sunny mood.
    8. Love the backstory to this song by Born Russians.
    9. Mat Kearney previews his next album with this dreamy new jam.
  • New year, new music.

    1. We have waited SO LONG for new Troye Sivan and he does not disappoint.
    2. This cover of the classic Cranberries song is sooo dreamy..
    3. Nina Nesbitt has some damn relatable songwriting.
    4. Our baby BORNS is back with his album Blue Madonna, we love this anthem.
    5. Hayley Kiyoko has us a little curious too and it’s serious.
    6. We can’t get enough of The Hunna.
    7. Jenny March gives us this sugary sweet pop jam.
    8. Skott has incredible vocals and this driving force in her songs.
    9. The New Schematics are indie pop at it’s finest, just wait for that chorus.
  • Our artists to watch this year.

    1. Robinson has the most haunting vocals.
    2. Cyn is so adorable and light-hearted and brings so much energy to pop.
    3. K.Flay is the badass rocker we need right now, her songs make you feel so powerful
    4. Billie Eilish is way too cool for how young she is.
    5. Liz Huett write the most relatable lyrics.
    6. Merci Raines is bringing us some witchy pop Stevie Nicks vibes.
    7. Walker Lukens just makes us so happy with his fun videos and catchy songs.
    8. Leikeli47 is the answer to the need for more badass women in the rap game.
    9. Still blows our minds that people are sleeping on the pop sensation that is Maty Noyes.
    10. Jessie Reyez can make you feel angry or sad or happy with each of her songs and Gatekeeper is one of the most important songs this year.
    11. Northern National are bringing a southern influence to a classic rock sound.
    12. The Band Camino is blowing up out of Memphis right now.
    13. Jena Rose with her sweet pop sounds and incredible voice.
    14. Why Don’t We is for sure your next boy band obsession.
    15. joan is exactly what you need to fill the void of The 1975.
    16. Kim Petras has sugary upbeat classic pop with a diva attitude.
    17. ARIZONA is electric pop that feels like driving a convertible on a sunny day.
  • A collection of holiday songs that don’t suck.

    1. Demi Lovato slaying the vocals on I’ll Be Home For Christmas.
    2. Miley Cyrus has that perfect tough of country for this song.
    3. Don’t even start with our Why Don’t We obsession.
    4. Yoke Lore’s take on Last Christmas makes us feel like getting in the holiday spirit.
    5. Oops another Miley song, Spotify really killed it with their Christmas playlist.
    6. Can’t knock Bieber’s holiday song.
    7. Honestly we would just loop this Ariana song all year.
    8. Britney FOREVER.
    9. Alright, alright we all know this has to be on there.

  • Chelsea’s Life Changing Songs

    1. I first heard this song in 2007 when I saw Paramore live and they covered it. Their cover didn’t nearly do the song justice. It has helped me through some of my most difficult times.
    2. This would be the first song I would ever hear by my favorite band ever. And the music video is sick. If you like “Feel it Still” I promise you’ll fall in love with this one.
    3. Die Antwoord is an acquired taste for some. I didn’t fall in love with them immediately. But once I got into them, it opened my ears to a whole new genre of music.
    4. My mom had a great story to tell me about seeing ELO on July 4th in the 70s. They’re British. Anyways, this song is beautiful.
    5. This song is 12 minutes of pure bliss. Aaron Bruno is a fantastic song writer/musician. If you only know “Sail,” I recommend giving this song a chance and seeing how you feel.
    6. Astounding music video. Incredible composition. This song opened my eyes and my mind when I first heard it.
    7. Not a huge fan of most of Deacons work, but there’s something illuminating about the lyrics in this song. Huge bonus: the music video was Done by Adult Swim.
    8. A song that highlights the wonder of ascension, which is what some of us seek out more than anything. Felix Colgrave’s toony animation style mixed with the melodics in this song makes one feel like they’ve already achieved it.
    9. Definitely not my favorite track by FTP, but this song came into my life when I really needed inspiration to draw, and something beautiful came out of my hands as a result.
  • Looking for that G-Eazy and Halsey love.

    1. Yes, 2017 Bonnie and Clyde is def our fav couple G-Eazy and Halsey, they are so precious.
    2. Leyya has such a unique sound.
    3. We love how spacey this song is, it just works so well together.
    4. Yah, we know this song is perfect, how could it not be?
    5. All Reputation is available for streaming just FYI.
    6. PRETTYMUCH is sliding into that boy band hole left in our hearts from One Direction.
    7. HRVY is bringing us some dream-pop vibes.
    8. Hand claps, synth sounds, fun vocals! Cassandra Violet is like 60s songstress level.
    9. Sara Diamond’s Three Words shows off her incredible voice and the chorus is so so catchy.
  • Legit so lazy today I can’t even.

    1. Angellll beautiful Angel Olsen, this song makes me feel cool and sad and lonely at the same time.
    2. The part when Charlotte sings “Don’t leave me hanging on…” is so damn catchy.
    3. And another Charlotte, the iconic Charlotte Gainsbourg’s new album is so existential and interesting.
    4. You know her from Fight Song but you need to listen to this song.
    5. Billie Eilish is the coolest girl we know.
    6. How can you NOT smile listening to Grace VanderWaal.
    7. An upbeat jam from Chelsea Cutler.
    8. Jessie Ware is our spend the day in bed kind of vibe.
    9. Thennnn we just cry because of Julien Baker’s intense lyrics.
  • Dahniella’s Life Changing Songs

    1. I cried the first time I heard it and I have come to really appreciate the gift that was Prince.
    2. My classmates and I heard this song everyday in elementary school and it opened up a wonderful world of funk and love.
    3. can honestly say that this song gave me a totally different outlook on music at a young age.
    4. It was like seeing your best friend after a long absence and I could swear I had heard this song before despite hearing it for the first time ever on Coog Radio.
    5. Everything about this song has made me so proud to be an Aggie with a crazy group of friends; its our anthem.
    6. One morning I jumped out of bed from a dead sleep and started to dance because it was playing and I have never been the same since.
    7. This song was imprinted in my mind at a young age and makes me swell with pride and joy to be from the Houston area; I am very appreciative of the culture we have.
    8. Hearing this bittersweet song over and over through the years makes me appreciate my time in college and look forward to the time after.
    9. A banger that lead me to other strong, electrifying and confident female artists.
    10. Add some content to your block grid item here. The block grid responds a little differently than traditional columns, allowing you to mix and match for cool effects.
  • Only you

    1. Parson James has the most perfect voice ever.
    2. Maggie Lindemann actually partnered with the legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath for their “So Obsessed” line. Pretty cool coincidence.
    3. Lauv keeps churning out cool electro jams.
    4. Our fav cool girl just released Blue Lips and its all the strong feminism you need.
    5. As much as I love Olivia I don’t know about the combo of tequila and wine.
    6. Ella Vos is just HAUNTINGLY beautiful, seriously.
    7. This new Leyya song is so different but so catchy.
    8. G-Eazy’s album is gonna be straight fire.

  • Here’s to feeling Better

    1. This is the dreamiest way to start a playlist, great vocals on Better.
    2. Cody Fry actually used a live orchestra to record this.
    3. bulow want’s us to know that she’s not about that relationship life in this jam.
    4. Can’t stop repeating this song, makes me want to go on a road trip for some reason.
    5. Cody Lynn Boyd’s is giving us major Doors vibes, he has these deep smoky vocals that add so much drama to this song.
    6. Lydia’s song The Road is like experimental dark pop.
    7. Grace Grace Grace!! We too want to be rich.
    8. Kim Petras is back with a sultrier single Slow It Down.
    9. Sigrid’s light melody on this with her unique voice is perfect and haunting.
  • Hannah’s Life Changing Tracks

    1. There are songs that find you when you need them most. I bought the Odyssey and Oracle record on a whim for my birthday, and nestled into the middle of it was this beautiful ray of hope.
    2. My family often took long road trips and Songs in the Key of Life was a staple album. My parents pointed out that Stevie wrote this song for his daughter, so now it always reminds me of them.
    3. Almost every screen name I had in elementary and middle school was a riff off of this title.
    4. Metric was one of the first bands that I found on my own in the days of Limewire. I kept revisiting this song in different periods of my life and each time I identify with the lyrics in a different way.
    5. Totally cliché Manic Pixie Sad Girl song, but god I love it. This was my High school jam when I overloaded myself with advanced classes and far too much coffee.
    6. My college roommate introduced me to Andrew Bird with a mix CD. I will always think of our amazing friendship, walking across campus in the fall and wandering around Denton, Tx.
    7. For every heartsick moment in my life this song will always be playing. I’ve played it when I’m single and lonely, in a relationship and falling in love, and after every break-up.
    8. The Violent Femmes were an era for me and remain a summer necessity. They were the soundtrack for driving out to the lake, shooting off fireworks in church parking lots, and hunting down allegedly haunted local spots.
    9. David Bowie has been my idol for as long as I can remember, but this song cemented my love. For every moment I need to remind myself that being weird and uncool is a strength, this song has been there.
    10. Memories are Now- I had a job that I thought was going to be my dream but ended up being a toxic nightmare. I quit without anything new lined up and was terrified of losing everything I had worked so hard for. This song gave me the motivation to begin again.
  • Casanovas

    1. Literally had this song on loop all day. Can’t think of a better collab than Verite and Allie X.
    2. Olive O’Brien is still showing off those songwriting skills.
    3. So curious about this new T Swift Era.
    4. Jena’s video for this is so gorgeous.
    5. We can’t get enough of this song by Shy Beast. So damn catchy.
    6. We are beyond excited about Aly & AJ.
    7. So much energy in this BANNERS song.
    8. We’ll listen to literally anything SZA is featured in.
    9. And same for those crazy vocals on Billy Raffoul.
  • Casanovas

    1. Literally had this song on loop all day. Can’t think of a better collab than Verite and Allie X.
    2. Olive O’Brien is still showing off those songwriting skills.
    3. So curious about this new T Swift Era.
    4. Jena’s video for this is so gorgeous.
    5. We can’t get enough of this song by Shy Beast. So damn catchy.
    6. We are beyond excited about Aly & AJ.
    7. So much energy in this BANNERS song.
    8. We’ll listen to literally anything SZA is featured in.
    9. And same for those crazy vocals on Billy Raffoul.
  • I hate you too

    1. Liz Huett is back with those clever and relatable music.
    2. I think this is the saddest song on the new St. Vincent album
    3. Ella Vos has the most haunting voice.
    4. Misterwives are just fun and amazing.
    5. Bea Miller’s voice has so much power
    6. Selenaaaaa and Marshmello what a duo.
    7. Love the lyrics in this one.
    8. We need more Julia Michaels in things.
  • How long has this been going on?

    1. Charlie Puth has never let us down
    2. Can you believe how amazing this cover is?
    3. SHAED giving us all the feelings.
    4. Frida’s voice is just so effortless.
    5. Dagny makes hit after hit.
    6. morgxn’s songs are just so phenomenal.
    7. The Vamps and Maggie Lindemann team up for another perfect collab.
    8. Bishop Briggs and that soulful voice.
    9. New Daya is always a good day
  • All of our ACL babies.

    1. COIN keeps getting more popular.
    2. Hamilton Leithauser and Angel Olsen teaming up for this masterpiece.
    3. Too relatable MUNA.
    4. Our favorite babes Nightly.
    5. Solange’s performance has been hailed as one of the best live shows ever.
    6. Grace VanderWaal is so young and so inspiring.
    8. Tove Lo will definitely take off her top, and it will be badass.
    9. Broods will probably not perform this cover but we still love it.
    10. Beyond excited to see Brandon Flowers in his cool suits.
  • Emily has had some heartbreak this week and now you get to go through it with her.

    1. This song defines every relationship gone wrong for me, I don’t know how Lorde knew so much about me.
    2. We’ve discussed this before, but no song is better for a breakup than this one.
    3. But baby I just need one good one to stay.
    4. It’s cheesy af but Whitney just gets heartbreak.
    5. The classic Fleetwood Mac song get’s a soulful update from LEON.
    6. SZA is empowering girls everywhere to leave their men.
    7. And then Roy Orbison will make us cry our eyes out really quick.
    8. St. Vincent is going to empower us to be our own cheerleaders.
    9. Jessie Reyez just UNDERSTANDS us with this song,
      every single word is so relevant to me rn.
  • Wow wow wow so many songs

    1. BANKS understands my emotions like no one else, I’ve had this song on loop.
    2. Cyn is the new indie pop that you need.
    3. FLETCHER is seriously on the rise right now.
    5. OOOOOO Demi, is this song about Nick Jonas
    6. Your new boy band obsession PRETTYMUCH.
    7. Followed by your other boy band obsession Why Don’t We.
    8. BORNS is making me blush rn.
    9. Lizzo is giving it to you straight with Truth Hurts
  • Happy Fall Babes!

    1. Two Friends are blowing up on Spotify.
    2. The Hunna are the cute British boys that you need rn.
    3. Emma Jensen is the dreamiest of dream pop.
    4. There’s so much going on in this song by Leyya and it’s amazing.
    5. Your favorite French popstar is back with Romeo
    6. CHVRCHES covering Tegan and Sara is beyond perfect.
    7. The super baddass Wolf Alice are out with a new single.
    8. Another French songstress that’s also an absolute icon.
    9. Maggie just keeps doing everything right.
  • New fun songs for you.

    1. This song by Maty Noyes has been stuck in our minds.
    2. Sweet baby Niall after our hearts.
    4. Muna is always a good option.
    5. Can we talk about how underrated Tove Stryke is?
    6. Grace Mitchell speaking French is my weakness.
    7. Chill indie pop with MILKK.
    8. Nick Jonas HEYYYYYY.
    9. Joseph just always gives us anthems.
  • What a fun sexy time for you.

    1. Dagny should def be giving us more.
    2. SNAP new Tove Lo, seriously such a badass.
    3. What a new direction for our precious Annie Clark.
    4. So into the chorus on this Iris Lune track.
    5. This song is so freaking catchy.
    6. Oh, now we’re killing how much fun we were having with a sad moment from Sam Smith.
    7. It’s okay because this collab with it-girl Tei Shi and Bee’s Knees will cheer you up.
    8. Just found out about Bianca Monica and I’m in love.
    9. This song definitely lives up to the name.
  • We’re feeling very -moody- this week.

    1. Young summer
    2. Jessie Ware has the most haunting voice.
    3. This song by Clarity is so catchy.
    4. Difficult name, pretty vocals.
    5. Luna Shadows is the dark indie singer you need right now.
    6. Honestly all Sylvan Esso is what we live for.
    7. We’ve told you how much we love STACEY and her new single.
    8. This CLOVES song is all of our emotions ever.
    9. London Grammar’s amazing cover of Bitter Sweet Symphony.
  • Is the T Swift comeback all that?

    1. Taylor Swift is backkkk,
      what are your thoughts on the single? We have a lot of them.
    2. Barns Courtney and that damn perfect sultry voice.
    4. The mix of Brady’s bouncy, island inspired synths with Anna’s silky vocals is so infectious.
    5. Bay Ledges make another perfect indie pop hit.
    6. We love the Motown influence in Jadagrace’s music.
    8. LEON’s vocals are just flawless.
    9. New War On Drugs is the perfect way to end your Friday.
  • New songs for long days.

    1. Bieber still doing great talking abotu being friends with his ex.
    2. Sultry songs bout Havana with our girl Camilia.
    4. Cannot get this Liz Huett song out of my head.
    5. We’re so on board with the new Echosmith
    6. How is it possible that Fickle Friends are still under the radar, get on board guys..
    7. Every time Anna Of The North releases something we’re impressed.
    8. The video to this song is so seventies chic we can’t get enough.
    9. Kim Petras gives us pop perfection in this jam.
  • New songs for long days.

    1. Gabrielle Aplin is just phenomenal, this song is just so fun and sweet and lovely.
    2. Emmit Fenn makes the most trance inducing and haunting songs.
    3. No Promises stripped down is too perfect.
    4. Izzy Bizu is just the epitome of cool.
    5. Khalid’s voice is like honey, I could listen to it all day.
    6. Bebe is on her way up.
    7. Definitely one to watch.
    8. Our favorite girl Sizzy Rocket.
    9. Julia Michaels has one of the best albums this year. Her songwriting is top notch.
  • 8/6/2017
    Lots of girl power happening rn.

    1. Madison Beer is just so pretty I don’t understand.
    2. Love this cover of The National’s Fireproof, Katy’s voice is so pretty.
    3. Pretty much an anthem for every girl from Demi.
    4. Camila is still killing it.
    5. Bea Miller’s flawless voice on this new track for the movie Wonder.
    6. Grace Mitchell’s album is definitely going to be one of our favorites.
    7. Love that Kesha is able to make music she loves now.
    8. The collab between Phoebe Ryan and Blackbear is such a wonderful thing.
    9. The only music video that matters right now.
  • 7/28/2017
    So many of our favorite babies out today.

    2. Watching The Killers perform this live would be spectacular.
    3. This is their first track in 6 years!!! And it was well worth the wait. The song has that hazy vibes that we love.
    4. This sun soaked track has that perfect 80’s touch
    5. This song is the more contemplative jam on Coast Modern’s stellar album, but it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy.
    6. This LA duo wants the listener to get perspectives on their past.
    7. Oh snap Billie just keeps releasing these amazing songs.
    8. Purity Ring is the sound of my soul.
    9. And we’ll end the sweetest song from loren north.
  • 7/21/2017
    As temperatures soar the music does too.

    1. So excited for Poppy to be on tour, I don’t know what her deal is but I’m addicted.
    2. Declan McKenna has never under delivered.
    3. Billie is on a role. This song is so bittersweet and haunting.
    4. The Greeting Committee is going to be huge.
    5. There’s really nothing like the vocals in SHAED.
    6. Our girl Olivia telling it like it is.
    7. Queen Lana giving us all the feels.
    8. It’s like AlunaGeorge keeps giving me my favorite Summer songs.
    9. And we’ll end with a sweet acoustic Astrid S.
  • 7/14/2017
    Happy Bastille day!

    1. Billie’s new song, COPYCAT is the perfect mix of sass and confidence.
    2. CYN is a Chicago-born girl who took a chance and moved to Los Angeles to work on her new music, and her debut single, “Together” is a product of that.
    3. Nina Nesbit’s voice is raw and that’s what makes her music so addicting.
    4. The Stolen are touring with Jake Miller so you know they’re on the rise. This song is so dreamy.
    5. Hip Abduction will be your summer go-tos.
    6. So excited Echosmith is back.
    7. Seriously excited for whatever Grace Mitchell is brewing.
    8. So haunting and beautiful, ROBINSON is the New Zealand songstress to look out for.
    9. Whatever this new Selena Gomez thing is, I like it.
  • 7/7/2017
    Really Dua’s video is everything.

    1. This video is everything! Love Dua Lipa so much.
    2. Sigrid also continuing her reign.
    3. This emotional new Kesha track is a start of a new era for her.
    4. Love this Liam Zedd collab.
    6. So stoked about new Wolf Alice.
    7. Sabrina Carpenter is on her way up.
    8. Some soulful LEON always.
    9. Julia Michaels is done writing for other people, love it.

  • 7/2/2017
    So many new songs this week!

    1. How good is the debut LANY album?
    2. Anna of the North just keep releasing beautiful songs.
    3. Likewise with our girl Astrid S.
    4. Transviolet has all of the electropop vibes you need.
    5. VERITE finally releases her full length after years of amazing singles and EPs.
    6. Our California dream team is back at it.
    7. This girl is so young and so talented.
    9. Our queen St. Vincent with the most heartbreaking and beautiful ballad.
  • 6/16/2017
    Because Shania is back

    1. We were so excited for this entire album.
    2. We also can’t wait for The Killers new album because this song is so Saturday Night Fever we can’t deal.
    4. XYLO’s electro pop LA vibes are always a good idea.
    5. OOO this song is so pool ready.
    6. We just cried tears of sadness and joy to the entire new Lorde album.
    7. Some chill electro summer vibes from INDIIA.
    8. You know we love our babe Barns Courtney.
    9. And queens of the summer music single are back with GIRLS GIRLS.
  • 6/2/2017
    Samantha’s Life Changing Songs

    1. Jack’s Mannequin was my first concert without parental supervision, and I felt like I was on top of the world. Also, this is a classic. Don’t @ me.
    2. Would you believe I got into punk rock in high school to try to impress a guy? We all make choices we aren’t proud of, but ATL soon became one of my favorite bands.
    3. I’m not sure if there’s a song that spearheaded my attitude more than this jam by Hayley and company. She was fierce and confident and everything I wished to be.
    4. Matt actually came on Pandora in college (LOL remember when we used that?) and once I heard this song, I was hooked. Almost 10 years later, I still resonate with the lyrics.
    5. Aside from sports, I think my dad’s just glad we can agree on MJ in the car instead of Barry Manilow…
    6. Never really got much into indie pop before The 1975, but I have to credit my best friend, Erin, for this one. From different colleges, grad schools and jobs, we managed to see the group perform live. Together. Life complete? Maybe not but it’s close.
    7. Growing up, I remember watching You’ve Got Mail at least once a week with my mom. 20 years later, it’s still one of my favorite movies. (If you’re reading this, Tom Hanks, I want you to officiate my future wedding…whenever that may be…)
    8. This album is just life-changing. I mean, seriously.
    9. Truly, the beginning of the fangirl lifestyle starts with this song, I wanted to hate the lads- I really did. But I bought tickets to This Is Us, saw this performance and was hooked. That was it.
  • 5/26/2017
    Playing catch up with some of our favorite jams right now.

    1. What do we really think of the new Miley?
    2. One of my favs on the new Harry Styles album.
    3. HAIM nails it every time.
    4. Can’t wait for Halsey’s tour.
    5. Joywave just feels so sly and sexy rn.
    7. Thanks Violet Days for your dreamy tunes.
    8. Grace! We love this new track.
    9. And duh, Selena always fantastic.
  • 5/19/2017
    On our way to Hangout Fest, the short version

    1. Could Warpaint be any cooler? No They cannot.
    2. Seeing Shaggy perform this song is actually a life goal of mine.
    3. FLETCHER is just so amazing and upbeat and empowering.
    4. ARIZONA is on the rise, and this is their first festival and I listen to this song on loop.
    5. I have an unhealthy obsession with LP and all her songs, probably the person I’m most excited to see at the fest.
    6. We love COIN!!!!!
    7. Dude, Barns is slaying this year, we love his rock n roll vibe and his gorgeous voice.
    8. We never get tired of PVRIS!
    9. Of course, we’ll be rocking out hard to our girl Grace Mitchell.

  • 5/12/2017
    BJ’s Life Changing Songs

    1. 8701 was the very first CD I purchased with my own money. Oh yes, 11 year old BJ was jamming out to this on her pink Walkman.
    2. And thus began my emo stage of life…
    3. I love T&S so much. They were my first introduction to what people call “indie” music. I remember being like wtf is this…there is music like this?! I likeee
    4. Okay, I know, but this song was the exact thing I was thinking after my last serious relationship ended. Adele just knows how to put feelings to words.
    5. I first saw MisterWives in 2015 at ACL and developed such a crush on Mandy Lee it’s shameful.
    6. Because apparently guys send music without lyrical intentions, I learned this the hard way.
    7. Well his entire Dopamine album actually. I ran a half marathon listening to it on repeat, yes, on repeat.
    8. Can we just take a second to thank Emily for introducing me to K-Pop. Seriously some of the best workout tracks of my life. (aww shucks)
    9. I never knew you had it in you Niall, thoroughly impressed/hot and bothered.
  • 5/6/2017
    We’re just trying to keep up…
    Guys we’re so behind on new music, because of our writer’s life changing playlists. So let’s catch up.

    1. Gaga debuted this amazing song at Coachella, like how does she keep doing it?
    2. morgxn is just making every song perfect. Some serious Fleetwood Mac vibes on this.
    3. Our queen Halsey is back.
    4. We cannot believe how freaking gorgeous all the new Harry Styles tracks are.
    5. Just plain fun.
    6. Misterwives!!!!!! Cannot wait for their album.
    7. I’ve had Grace Mitchell on loop since Coachella.
    8. Can’t get enough of POWERS
    9. This could just be a playlist of everyone that we’re glad is back because new Perfume Genius is always a good idea.
    10. LANY has been our favorites for a while now.
  • 4/28/2017
    Kasey’s Life Changing Songs

    1. My dad used to sing this song to me and my sisters when we were kids – it’s one of the first songs I remember listening to over and over and never getting tired of it.
    2. I grew up on the Dixie Chicks and never gave up on them, even when they had their downfall. Landslide is a song I can always come back to.
    3. This song made me feel fierce, even in elementary school. There’s just something about Shania Twain that lights a fire under you!
    4. (Taylor Swifts You Belong With Me, not on Spotify, but on the Youtube Playlist) This song was my anthem in my ~very dramatic~ high school life. Perpetually wanting boys to like me the most and blaring this song when they didn’t.
    5. As strange as it sounds, this song really empowered me – it made me feel like I didn’t have to be sad about people who were dumb, but that I could be like “you know what, I’m better than this and one day you will realize it!”
    6. Oh snap. My first dive into the fangirl world is one I’ll never forget – the Bieber fever is one that just doesn’t disappear, and this song was a giant step to showing people who he really was as an artist (and validating what I had been saying for years, obvi).
    7. My always and forever – Through the Dark has picked up my spirits more times than I could ever count. One Direction always makes you feel like you aren’t alone.
    8. When I first moved to Dallas, I jammed to this song like there was no tomorrow. A whole new city was in front of me and I could make it anything I wanted to.
    9. Gosh, this song changed my life just in thinking about the future – one day I’ll know a feeling like Ed describes in this song and what a life-changing day that will be.
  • 4/23/2017
    Ryann’s Life Changing Songs

    1. This song made me fall in love with The Killers. “Destiny is calling me…” nuff said.
    2. My friend Chase passed away when I was in 8th grade and this the song we listened to to help us through it.
    3. Ten years old, dancing in circles with my best friend and her dad. We still sing this song to this day.
    4. This was on the I Am Sam soundtrack which was a life changing movie for me. Rufus did a beautiful cover that still inspires me.
    5. Easily one of Bastille’s most melodic songs which I LOVE. This song is why I love All This Bad Blood.
    6. Do I really need to explain this one?.
    7. My relationship with TRS goes wayyyyyyy back. Ask me about it sometime.
    8. First song of the first set I ever saw at Lollapalooza and it’s obviously been a love affair ever since.
    9. First song I ever cried listening to. It’s just beautiful.
  • 4/14/2017
    Wade’s Life Changing Songs

    1. My first experience at Hollister I heard this song playing in the store, bought no clothing, but I did buy this CD.
    2. One of the few times I got grounded in high school was to skip school to see ATL in Louisville, all because of this song.
    3. My freshman year of college I worked night shift for a Tuxedo company. This album got me through many nights of searching for unmentionable items in pockets.
    4. I loved the countdowns on the radio, and in 1996-1997 I still remember listening to this in my parents living room.
    5. I’m still convinced that song could come out today and be a #1 hit. Way ahead of it’s time, but iconic.
    6. Besides “No Hands” there isn’t another song that will make this white boy loose his shit more than “Return of the Mack”.
    7. I love everything from Blink, but this song is my all time favorite and made thisalbum the soundtrack to many burnt cd’s.
    8. The hidden track at the end of their song “You”, “Milk” made me start checking ends of every song to make sure a gem like this isn’t hiding.
    9. No Jacket Required was the first CD I remember getting as a gift, so thank you to whoever got this for me.
  • 4/7/2017

    1. I was obsessed with The Beach Boys, and this song still gets me. It’s just the definition of feel-good music.
    2. I grew up listening strictly to the “oldies” station and The Supremes were one of the only girl groups I knew. It was also the first physical album I bought.
    3. Yes, if you know me you know my obsession with Jack White. It’s a cliche but this song transformed me. It was my first intro to modern music and then the obsession just continued.
    4. I was actually late to the Beyonce game, but this album is what made me realize how talented she is. This song gives me goosebumps and when she matches her voice to the guitar solo. Crazy talented, plus you know, Houston girl. There’s just so much emotion behind this song.
    5. ANNND Here’s Kanye. I’ve talked before about how Kanye has gotten me through every dark time in my life, but this song got me through my first breakup.
    6. I discovered Prince late in life, but after watching Putple Rain and reading his bio and learning about his work ethic. Always dress like a rockstar, he said he wouldn’t even go to the convenience store if he didn’t look like -Prince- .
    7. GRIMES, there was something so entrancing to me about this song. I got hooked on Grimes shortly after, the dark lyrics the catchy, soft sounds.
    8. Me waitressing, freelance writing, dreaming of not mopping floors, this song came on during every waitressing shift I had. Brandon Flowers had that soothing voice that made me a dreamer.
    9. I’ve talked about how I cried when I first heard this song. It was also one of my most ambitious and terrifying interviews. I’ve travelled across the country twice to see Asaf and each time I’m left in tears.
  • 3/24/2017

    1. Diet Cig wins Best Song Title Ever
    2. Obsessed with Flint Eastwood right now
    3. Cannot stop playing this song.
    4. Khalid’s amazing song remixed is perfection.
    5. Lizzo is this years breakthrough artist.
    6. Betty Who’s whole new album is fire.
    7. So much soul in Bibi Bourelly’s voice.
    8. Hayley Kiyoko’s Youtube performance was one of the highlights this year.
    9. This song is just making me so emo.
  • 3/17/2017

    1. Is it possible to not like this song?
    2. Umm duh you all know we love HV by now.
    3. BANKS is mah girl, her live show was life-changing.
    4. Ughjust this song on loop please.
    5. Cannot wait for new Halsey.
    6. VERITE’s desperation in her voice is all I need rn.
    7. I’ll bury you good and straight and right.
    8. If you need more electro pop in your life.
    9. Lana you just get us.
  • 3/10/2017
    SXSW Prepwork

    1. This track is maybe the sexiest song I’ve heard in a long time.
    2. Can’t get enough of morgxn.
    3. Fav live show.
    4. Bridgit is going to dominate this year.
    5. This song is so dynamic.
    6. POWERS brings the party.
    7. FRENSHIP will be literally all over the radio in like one month.
    8. Knox Hamilton!
    9. Merci Raines has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard.
  • 3/3/2017
    Love and lack of it

    1. Can’t get enough of this Kygo and Selena collab.
    2. Very sexy feminist rendition of the classic.
    3. V sultry and unique.
    4. Hayley Kiyoko is just the indie darling rn.
    6. Lana is queen.
    7. Violet Days are so dreamy.
    9. LORDE is BACK GUYS.
  • 2/14/2017
    Some throwbacks for V-Day

    1. How could you be so heartless?
    2. Spotify reminded me of this song and I immediately was transported to my tween years.
    3. You’re my darlinnnnn angel.
    4. Aww you guys go out and have fun on your dates.
    5. Remember when we liked Chris Brown?
    6. Ray J is actually the first reason why Kim Kardashian was famous.
    7. And I sandwiched this with more vintage Chris Brown.
    8. Some classic Mariah at the height of her diva-dom.
    9. Then we bring it modern with Rihannas sweet soul.
  • 2/5/2017
    Prince is now available everywhere so here’s the songs you should be listening to.

    1. Start off with the Purple Rain, just cry it out.
    2. Fun fact: this song is so phenomenal because there’s no bass line.
    3. Such a classic.
    4. Do you want him…or do you want me…cause I want you
    5. I aint got no money but honey I’m rich on personality (also my personal favorite).
    6. The narrative in this is so amazing.
    7. I listend to this song so hard when it came out.
    8. The sexiest song that ever existed.
    9. Little red corvette.
    10. Party like it’s…2017, also a big Sheila E. song.
    11. Remember when Janelle Monae covered this flawlessly.
    12. I wanna be your loverrrr.
    13. So much sexual innuendo.
    14. U got the looooookkkk.
    15. I would die 4 u too Prince.
  • 1/3/2017

    1. We’re just waiting for Gaga to slay us at the Super Bowl.
    2. Michelle Branch is back guys!!!!
    3. We can’t get over this song.
    4. Me just waiting for Brooke Candy to blow up…
    5. This song by Carrie Lane is so damn catchy.
    6. COIN YES!
    7. Someone to keep your eye on!
    8. This song is all over the radio now.
    9. Aww lets end with this sweet track by Lady G.
  • 1/27/2017

    1. Zara slaying always.
    2. Our girl Lauren!!!.
    3. And Verite obviously…
    4. Migos will forever be popular thanks in large part to Donald Glover.
    5. We love Citizen Four!
    6. This Arcade Fire track is so important right now.
    7. K-pops biggest girl band say Goodbye.
    8. Gallant expanding his reach to K-pop mega house YG Entertainment.
    9. CocoRosie’s new single is beautiful and intricate but catchy as hell.
  • 1/20/2017

    1. Start off with pop darling and future feature Bridgit
    2. This song is so perfect and sparkling.
    3. Tigertown is your new obsession
    4. Obsessed with all of his work but this song makes me so emo
    5. Slick and sexy from Kiiara.
    6. Maggie Rogers, killing every single she puts out
    7. Feat our girl Maty Noyes duh.
    8. Can’t get enough MUNA
    9. Then take it down with HONNE.
  • 1/13/2017

    1. If you haven’t seen La La Land yet, what are you waiting for? Go see it.
    2. New year starts off with new Ed Sheeran
    3. This song is so motivational.
    4. Parson James! He’s one to watch!
    5. This song feels like religion to me, so moving.
    6. Love The Veronicas.
    7. Violet Days are going to be huge this year, I can feel it.
    9. Tigertown makes the most perfect sparkly indie pop.
  • 1/6/2017

    1. One less problem…
    2. because he’s a fuqboi, and they’re all the same…
    3. You gotta get him out of your hair.
    4. F* you sucker!
    5. You’re such a…
    6. All sick of the same old love.
    7. and we really don’t care
    8. you can go an love yourself.
    9. Because Shawn Mendes is going to treat us better.
  • 12/30/2016

    1. This album was everything
    2. Yes we heard Hotline Bling, Controlla, and Too Good on nonstop.
    3. Long awaited and well worth it. Bastille knows what they’re doing.
    4. So so sexy, and Alison is my hero.
    5. Ariana changed it up and this album is so mature and well-done.
    6. Davey Havok is a dynamite live performer and his project Blaqk Audio is amazing.
    7. Danceable AF.
    8. The most controversial album of the year.
    9. We needed one more.
  • 12/16/2016

    1. This song just makes me insanely happy.
    2. Then Tove Lo makes me feel insanely cool.
    3. Ahh so cute Alessia Cara’s cute song.
    4. Can we even listen to this without crying because of how proud we are of Louis, no we can’t, but this song is really good.
    5. Actually very good collab with Taylor and Zayn.
    6. Pia Mia is giving us some sultry vibes.
    7. I can’t explain why I love this song, but that dark synthy beat thing going on is my vibe.
    8. This song is pretty straight forward.
    9. This makes me want to dance and party and wear glitter.
  • 12/9/2016

    1. Start it off right with Ariana.
    2. If you put bells in a song it makes it -Chistmas mix-.
    3. Kacey and Leon are the perfect duo.
    4. All of the She & Him holiday songs are pretty great.
    5. Obviously.
    6. The pipes on Darlene Love are insane.
    7. Sam Smith can make me cry about anything..
    8. This song should definitely inspire you to dye your hair.
    9. AlunaGeorge is always a good idea.
  • 12/2/2016

    1. MUNA, so amazing, all the time.
    2. This song definitely has that ~mood~.
    3. A little more dramatic with Bury Me.
    4. Fickle Friends have this great disco vibe.
    5. You know how much we love Olivia!
    6. This song is so my vibe right now.
    7. That Kungs beat is instantly recognizable.
    8. This song should definitely inspire you to dye your hair.
    9. AlunaGeorge is always a good idea.
  • 11/18/2016

    2. Jai Wolf is going to be huge, so up and coming.
    3. Can The Weeknd and Daft Punk just do everything together?
    4. Weird combo but I can get behind it. They say lit too much.
    5. Another great collab!
    6. I just had to throw in some FKA Twigs for the ~mix~
    7. Chainsmokers bringing all the indie bands up front.
    8. I legally have to like every Fetty Wap song, long story.
    9. Snow Tha Product is amazing, go listen to all of her songs right now.
  • 11/11/2016
    Some tracks for President Trump.

    1. We know how this goes, no one man should have all that power, until Kanye runs in 2020.
    2. Preach us through this dark time Kendrick, are we going to be alright?
    3. If you haven’t listened to the new ATCQ do it now.
    4. Jack White def called the wall of Mexico in this music video, also his Icky Trump t-shirts are perfection.
    5. Oooo a little ATCQ sandwich here because they make relevant music.
    6. Father John Misty is def Bored in the U.S.A.
    7. Just cry it out, because we should’ve known better.
    8. Bob! The times are changing but I don’t know how.
    9. ANNNND thank you Pussy Riot for being damn heroes.
  • 11/4/2016
    Some sexy tracks for your Friday.

    1. Ooooo a breakout for Camila Cabello.
    2. Tove Lo always giving us some sexy tracks.
    3. Cute little Hailee collab with Zedd
    4. Square 2 is finally out.
    5. Everything Kehlani does is amazing.
    6. Maty Noyes is the next big thing.
    7. Probably the sexiest song ever by French singer Charlotte Cardin.
    8. The Vamps + Matoma = amazing.
    9. Yes, Tyga, Biebs, perfect.
  • 10/28/2016
    So many new songs, maybe some possible features soon.

    1. The Kills are edgy and dark.
    2. Kanye’s Blood On The Leaves is chilling.
    3. Ciara’s wonderful and eerie rendition of Paint It Black
    4. The classic by Annie Lennox.
    5. The Weeknd’s hit that uses samples from horror films.
    6. Kanye’s nightmares are definitely made for Halloween.
    7. The classic crowd-pleaser with another Superstition.
    8. Somebody’s watchinnnn meeee.
    9. Of course, we’ll end with the theme to Stranger Things

  • 10/21/2016
    So many new songs, maybe some possible features soon.

    1. We love a good ex burn.
    2. New Zella Day is always a good idea.
    3. Sweet, perfect Daya.
    4. Powerhouse Bishop keeps slaying.
    5. Perfect angel Niall breaking away, so cute.
    6. Hey Violet striking all those relatable vibes.
    7. Nightly is on top of it lately, singles on singles.
    8. My life motto.
    9. Emeli Sande giving me all the feels.
  • 10/14/2016
    So many new songs, maybe some possible features soon.

    1. This band is going to be so huge soon, this song is so tight.
    2. Jena Rose has an amazing voice and killer style, more on her later.
    3. Loren North has the most haunting sound and beautiful vocals.
    4. SHAED has these powerful vocals and electro riffs.
    5. Aleem is touring with Fifth Harmony soon, so you know he’s doing something right.
    6. MO is right on the brink of pop hits always.
    7. Scandinavian artists are just all over the place, and Astrid is always fantastic.
    8. We know, we know, we have a problem with Night Riots.
    9. Dagny’s entire album is just summery, bright pop.
  • 10/7/2016
    Hot new babes, hot tracks.

    1. Jake Miller, such a babe, such a good voice.
    2. This is such a catchy song by Shawn Hook.
    3. Hudson + Hailee = perfection.
    4. Leroy Sanchez is such a sweetheart.
    5. Maggie’s sweet voice is everything.
    6. Hailey has some of the most clever lyrics I’ve ever heard.
    7. Skylar, pop star in the making here.
    8. The perfect chill vibes.
    9. This song by nightly is such a sexy jam.
  • 9/26/2016
    For when you need a little ego boost.

    1. Nicki and Bey, can’t get any better.
    2. This song makes you feel independent af.
    3. So glad Jlo still has some power anthems for us.
    4. Hailee is on her way up.
    5. Classic Kanye.
    6. Is there anything better than The Weeknd teaming up with Daft Punk.
    7. Our favorite Kpop group.
    8. The dark horse song that’s been all over the radio.
    9. The hook in this song is sooooo good.
  • 9/16/2016
    The songs that inevitably make you cry.

    1. The vocals of London Grammar are just too much.
    2. This song totally takes me back to being really angsty in high school.
    3. Aww all the feels with Parachute.
    4. I don’t know if it’s just the nostalgia but this song gets me every time.
    5. This song on a rainy day is a recipe for way too much deep thinking.
    6. Something about the desperation in this song and the light piano will break you down.
    7. Cue scenes looking out a window and thinking about your life.
    8. Tears, all over the place in Les Miserables.
    9. If you watch the music video to this and don’t cry you have no heart, it’s a fact. I could wax poetic about this video all day, but if you want to see me have an emotional breakdown, just play this.
  • 9/9/2016
    So many jamz, so little time.

    1. Are you happy little monsters?.
    2. So into this new Bastille song./li>
    3. We tend to favor Verite, but this 1975 cover is just merging two of our favs.
    4. KLOE is just right on the verge. /li>
    5. We’ve been waiting for new Young Rising Sons!
    6. Perfect Strangers is the island sound that has you missing summer.
    7. M.I.A is everything we’ve always wanted to be.
    8. Kings of Leon making a comeback.
    9. THIS SONG IS MAKING ME DANCE AT MY DESK. GET IT ZARA, you’re like a Swedish Beyonce.
  • 9/3/2016
    The best breakup songs.

    1. TBT to this classic from Boys Like girls.
    2. Honestly the best song for getting over someone./li>
    3. Sizzy has the most relatable lyrics ever.
    4. And then for when you just need to cry forever, nothing gets the tears like Birdy singing Skinny Love.
    5. Adele…breakup song queen.
    6. You can’t have this list without You Oughta Know.
    7. Beyonce is definitely Irreplaceable, but you could definitely throw on all of Lemonade on this too.
    8. This was my high school breakup anthem!
    9. I can’t think of a meaner, smarter breakup song than this Bobby D track.
  • 8/26/2016
    Our favorite musicians confessing their love for us.

    1. All you need is me BORNS, I get it.
    2. Marina’s love song to her fans, and her new era of FROOT./li>
    3. Matty is such a babe.
    4. We cannot get enough of Z’s beautiful vocals on this song.
    5. TBT Boys Like Girls teaming up with T. Swift.
    6. Love this song by Bastille, always so perfect.
    7. Ariana and Lil Wayne make a very sexy song.
    8. Banks is just so sultry.
    9. Halsey’s relatable/honest lyrics are always wonderful.
  • 8/19/2016
    Our favorite duets

    1. G-Easy was just what Britney needed.
    2. Who knew these two would team up to make the perfect song?/li>
    3. The classic by Sonny and Cher.
    4. A modern take on the classic with amazing vocals by Aloe Blacc and Zedd.
    5. This is the song that really flung Flume into fame.
    6. WE can’t get enough Rihanna and Drake.
    7. Ariana and Lil Wayne make a very sexy song.
    8. The Weeknd and Sia are a perfect vocal match
    9. Awww #tbt to this song by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown.
  • 8/5/2016
    A couple of anthems from our favs.

    1. Bishop just keeps slaying.
    2. We cannot wait for the new Hey Violet album. The singles have been amazing.
    3. Love that they released this phenomena cover from Kacey.
    4. Oh hey Jack…thanks for giving me some new stuff.
    5. KAYE’s songs sound like a futuristic Madonna.
    6. BROODS are so beautiful, my fav genre electro-pop.
    7. I love HOLYCHILD and the video for this song is such a trip. The lyrics “How can I be myself when you put me on a shelf”, I relate.
    8. Awww this song just makes me miss festing.
    9. Saint Motel’s horns are always just incredible.
  • 8/5/2016
    A couple of anthems from our favs.

    1. I am OBSESSED with this powerful song from sister-trio Joseph, blood harmonies forever!
    2. XYLO has this haunting track with a perfect electro tinge.
    3. Warpaint is incredible, so happy with this new song.
    4. You know anything Grimes does is incredible. “Can you kill a mann with your hannnddds” I’m sure you can Grimes.
    5. The chorus comes out of nowhere, Tove Lo’s ultimate hymn to the “cool girl” idea.
    6. DJ Snake and Bieber team up for another summer banger.
    7. BANKS is killing it again with Gemini Feed
    8. Ella On The Run has this dark electro pop that’s just captivating.
    9. The title of this song is everything to me, also its just a good song.
  • 7/29/2016
    Some new some old, you know the drill.

    1. I love the combo of Halsey and Chainsmokers.
    2. Sunflower Bean is THE band this summer.
    3. Bastille is killing it at Lolla right now so have to include some of their new songs.
    4. MUNA is spacey and electric.
    5. I love the vintage feel of this new Two Door Cinema Club song.
    6. The combo of Major Lazer,J Biebs and MO makes for the perfect end of summer jam.
    7. This new 1975 album is really growing on me.
    8. A nice slow electro jam from Glades.
    9. The build of this song by FRENSHIP with Emily Warren is so beautiful and catchy.
  • 7/22/2016
    RIP One Direction – Some breakup tracks for the band you love.

    1. Nobody Compares – Because nobody compares to you, One Direction.
    2. I Would – I can’t sleep at night knowing I have never publicly recommended this song. So classic boy band pop and SO GOOD.
    3. C’mon, C’mon – OK, I’m caught. I only included this song because at a concert Harry saw me doing the “come hither” index finger motion to these lyrics, and I wanted to talk about it. It’s also a great song, though!.
    4. Through the Dark – Anytime you feel sad, listen to this song. Trust me.
    5. Strong – It’s cheesy, but true: for a lot of us, One Direction really does make us feel strong, and that is just nothing to be ashamed of.
    6. Where Do Broken Hearts Go? – Broken hearts like ours go support the boys solo endeavors bc I know I’m not the only one hyped to hear more from Big Payno.
    7. Change Your Ticket – I need an explanation for why this was never added to last year’s tour set list because we all NEEDED to hear this live. NEEDED.
    8. If I Could Fly – If this song is any indication of future solo Harry music, we better GET READY.
    9. Never Enough – My motto when it comes to anything One Direction-related: “Too much is never enough.”
    10. Bonue Track: History – THIS IS NOT THE END! (or that’s what I tell myself anyway).

  • 7/22/2016
    This is kind of a random selection.

    1. I lovveee Night Riots, and their new song is killer.
    2. The Kills are one of my all time favs and I’m digging their entire new album.
    3. KITTEN was probably one of the best live shows I’ve even seen.
    4. This song has some sweet beats and a great throwback feel.
    5. Upbeat, pop-heavy jams from The Wombats.
    6. American Authors have another smash with What We Live For.
    7. JR JR has this driving catchy song Gone.
    8. Bat For Lashes is so incredible, what an artist.
    9. This song from Ingrid Michaelson is the ultimate break-up anthem.
  • 7/15/2016
    I love a good cover. (Full disclosure: HOW DOES SPOTIFY NOT HAVE THE WHITE STRIPES JOLENEjQuery1124009801437481025066_1501278300688? It’s one of my favorite covers. Come on, get it together).

    1. Zella’s beautiful cover of one of the best songs ever. We all know how amazing Jack White is.
    2. Love this song covered by Young Rising Sons.
    3. Glen Hansard is incredible, he really makes this song interesting.
    4. Oh Birdy, this song makes me cry.
    5. This doesn’t even sound like T Swift, this whole album is fantastic.
    6. Awww back to the tears with Ingrid Michaelson’s haunting cover of the Elvis classic.
    7. I love Lissie’s spin on this song.
    8. MO bringing up #GirlPower Spice Girls memories.
    9. Such a good cover, so damn catchy.
    10. BONUS COVER: I have to include one sad and haunting Johnny Cash cover, and I chose his version of In My Life. UGHH SO MANY FEELINGS.
  • 7/8/2016
    My desperate attempt at cheering myself up with music.

    1. This song is so driving and powerful. Makes me feel like I can do cool things.
    2. Beautiful narrative in this lovely song by the Lumineers.
    3. Asides from their sick live performance, Lewis Del Mar has a sound that’s so unique.
    4. Another power anthem from Bishop Briggs. She has a crazy amazing voice.
    5. Young The Giant after our own hearts.
    6. Songs about fighting our inner demons are always relevant.
    7. Kitten giving us some things to think about.
    8. The Head and the Heart are always cheering me up.
    9. The classic protest song that seems to never go out of style. Where have all the flowers gone?
  • 7/1/2016
    Girls are on top this summer and I LOVE IT.

    1. I mean, who can’t relate to having someone who only likes you when they’re drunk?
    2. If “as long as I keep dancing” isn’t one of your life mottos, you’re doing it wrong.
    3. You honestly cannot go wrong with any song on Ari’s new album, but Nicki Minaj collab is TOO GOOD.
    4. Classic girl band break up anthem.
    5. This video is a must-watch, y’all.
    6. Rising star Daya kills it with this sugary pop beat..
    7. Girl’s got pipes AND sass – Happy Friday to us.
    8. I don’t know what else to say, but you’re pretty f*ckin dope.
    9. I’ll eat my words on disliking Meghan Trainor this ONCE.
  • 6/24/2016
    Practically melting, some old and some new.

    1. This song is so vintage summer vibes.
    2. HANA is an absolute angel, you’ve seen her with Grimes, now listen to her lovely songs.
    3. KAYE’s song Honey is just so catchy.
    4. PHASES are the best, this is my favorite song.
    5. Panic! is back guys, I didn’t want to love them again but I do.
    6. Gotta love a duet by two of the hottest new stars.
    7. This song is such a good pool-time classic.
    8. This is Drake’s summer song.
    9. GUYS I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG. Kanye forever.
  • 6/17/2016
    Still too hot gang, I’m staying inside.

    1. Bibi Bourelly (she wrote BBHMM fyi) is amazing and this song is so vintage.
    2. Hinds, love these ladies.
    3. Avett Brothers, duh, amazing.
    4. I’ve talked about Escondido before, but that Spanish trumpet is everything, this song makes me want to cruise through the desert. #Marfa
    5. Max Frost is so catchy with Withdrawals (fun fact: also my favorite word).
    6. Phantogram has this very true song about people that don’t get you high anymore.
    7. Bastille, you’ve teased many a fan (Ryann) with this single, let’s get that album out soon k?
    8. MOTHXR I don’t know how to pronounce your name but this song is sexy.
    9. Sorry guys, I love Kanye forever, can’t wait for his tour.
  • 6/10/2016
    It’s way too hot outside, perfect time for some new music.

    1. This song is blowing up, and texts from my friends confirm that Cobi is a babe.
    2. I’m in love with the dark folk song.
    3. Fitz and the Tantrums always making me happy.
    4. Broods are just fantastic.
    5. Sam Feldt has this summer song down.
    6. KONGOS are backkkkk with that sick accordion.
    7. Sia, this is just incredible as always.
    8. I don’t understand the bacon in this, but go for it Nick.
    9. Dance-hall laced songs are the new thing.
  • 6/3/2016
    Dreaming of not being at work and getting to the pool.

    1. Bea Miller is going to be huge and this song is a perfect dark-pop song.
    2. Any new CHVRCHES is welcome.
    3. MØ has that ethereal voice.
    4. Tegan and Sara’s new album is incredible.
    5. Phoebe Ryan is back at it with this great single, feat. her very unique, precious voice.
    6. Charming Liars has all the pop/alt that you need.
    7. Fitz and the Tantrums are so damn catchy all the time
    8. What did I just say about Fetty? I’ll listen to anything he does. I can’t explain, 1738.
    9. I’m obsessed with this Rihanna song, it sounds like an old-school soul-ballad.
  • 5/27/2016
    Some random songs and new songs for your long weeknd.

    1. I’m so happy Band of Skulls is releasing new music, this song is so catchy.
    2. BORNS is releasing new music, always a treat.
    3. If Fetty is in anything I’ll listen to it.
    4. Flume is huge, he knows how to make something unique.
    5. Houndmouth is making all the indie hits.
    6. Ariana’s flawless vocals with some seventies vibes, I dig it.
    7. The Weeknd has never sounded so much like himself than when he thinks he won’t make it.
    8. I’m all but obsessed with this song, seriously it’s stuck in my head all the time.
  • 5/13/2016
    Our friends at Belles and Gals made this amazing country ladies playlist! It has some classic and some modern.

    1. Margo is making a name for herself right now, she is amazing!
    2. Dolly Parton is the queen.
    3. Maren Morris is a Texas girl (Yay!) This song is a modern anthem. This is honestly how I’ve always described religion to me, Johnny Cash. Music is my religion. Thank you for this song that relates so strongly to me right now.
    4. Lindi Ortega’s rockabilly vibe is incredible but also her voice has this shakey quality, like she’s right on the edge.
    5. Hannah may be British but she her soft voice and empathetic lyrics lend a fresh take on country.
    6. Carrie Underwood really has done a lot with modern country music.
    7. Tara Thompson probably has some of the most clever lyrics right here, references Payless Shoes and perfume samples, this is captivating.
    8. Aubrie Sellers has songwriting in her blood and it shows.
    9. Loretta Lynn is everything, whether it’s her classics or her recent work with Third Man Records, she is amazing.
  • 5/13/2016
    Some classics that every fangirl should have in her arsenal.

    1. I have a lot of love for Johnny Cash, we all know the man and the legend, but go deeper with this song written by Kris Kristofferson.
    2. Patsy Cline is one of the original queens of country music, nothing is better for getting over a breakup than literally any of her songs.
    3. Speaking of breakup songs, this classic by Dylan is so great. Every fangirl needs to know one great Dylan song.
    4. One of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs, practically the most perfect band ever formed, this song was sampled in Beyonce’s “Don’t Hurt Yourself”.
    5. If you think Harry Styles is a babe, look at young photos of Mick Jagger, like come on, he’s beautiful. The Stones are killer all the time, but this song is one of my favorites.
    6. Okay, Elvis has a cheesy reputation, but I love love LOVE Elvis. I could listen to this song on loop all day.
    7. We all know Jersey Boys is super popular, Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons have so many amazing songs, this song will put me in a good mood anytime.
    8. We all know “Thriller” and “Billie Jean” but I really love this MJ song, it is so sexy.
    9. The first album I ever bought was The Supremes Greatest Hits. They were the original girl-gang, you can totally hear their influence still today.
  • 5/6/2016
    Some hot tracks.

    2. Dua Lipa is just waiting to blow up, this track is so cool.
    3. Astrid bringing those sweet Swedish sounds.
    4. Out of nowhere, Red Hot Chili Peppers make an actually good song after what seems to have been forever.
    5. Verite’s new EP is phenomenal, I love her haunting sounds.
    6. Brooklynn has these pop-laced power songs.
    7. Okay, Fitz and the Tantrums, I haven’t gotten this song out of my head in weeks.<
    8. I’m super into Ariana Grande’s new direction, this song is so catchy.
    9. LOL of course I’m ending with Radiohead, did you think I’d leave this out. THIS IS SO GREAT!!!!
  • 4/29/2016
    Icelandic music is kind of having a moment right now, we all know Bjork, but here are some other Icelandic bands.

    1. Kaleo is making huge waves, their single “Way Down We Go” is insane, but I love the seventies sound of their song for HBO’s Vinyl.
    2. Knife Fights have a sparkling indie sound.
    3. This song is such a triumph for Cold War Kids, absolutely slays at festivals.
    4. Asgeir is an incredible lyricist with folk vibes.
    5. Retro Stefson makes ambient and magical music.
    6. Sigur Ros is known for his magical live show and distinctive vocals.
    7. Of Monsters and Men have powerful, driving folk.<
    8. Seabear is gentle and whimsical.
    9. Young Karin has poppy upbeat electro music.
  • 4/22/2016
    Coachella part 2.

    1. The Arcs have the right amount of psychedelia rock
    2. Bat For Lashes has the most beautiful vocals.
    3. This song is such a triumph for Cold War Kids, absolutely slays at festivals.
    4. Disclosure always knows how to feat. an artist. This song is so sexy.
    5. Pretty iconic Coachella shows from Edward Sharpe.
    6. James Bay had one of the most crowded shows at Coachella, his voice just soars over the audience.
    7. Matt and Kim are incredible performers.<
    8. It wouldn’t be a festival without the folksy vibes of Lord Huron.
    9. Soulful throwback newcomers Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats.
  • 4/15/2016
    Coachella is upon us, here are some tracks to catch you up.

    1. AlunaGeorge is amazing and this is her year. With this new track and her hit “Im In Control.” You definitely know her.
    2. Carla Morrison is a Mexican indie-pop singer with this delicate folk feel.
    3. From France, Christine and the Queens have an electro-indie vibe and powerful vocals.
    4. Alvvays has this beautiful sunshiney vintage feel.
    5. If you don’t see Mavis Staples, the queen, at Coachella what are you doing? She’s an icon.
    6. Shamir is quite the colorful character and his songs are just a party.
    7. SOPHIE is so weird in a cool way.<
    8. Foals are classic indie.
    9. The winding down of the wild world.
  • 4/8/2016
    Some throwback options for your festing this year.

    1. Jefferson Airplane for days
    2. Who doesn’t love the Mamas and The Papas, especially this classic.
    3. The chorus in the song is just so dramatic and perfect.
    4. The Beach Boys just scream summer road trip.
    5. The Zombies just make me want to cruise forever.
    6. No fest list is complete without Janis, queen of fests.
    7. Or the king of all kings, Jimi Hendrix.
    8. Nothing gets me pumped like The Kinks.
    9. The winding down of the wild world.
  • 4/1/2016

    1. Pia Mia, you u probably know her as Kylie’s friend, but she can sing, and this song is so well produced.
    2. Love that Zella, can’t wait to see her at Coachella.
    3. AlunaGeorge is about to blow up, this song is so good.
    4. I love FROOT, Marina is amazing.
    5. Dua Lipa has crazy unique vocals.
    6. No launch party is complete without Bad Girls and M.I.A.
    7. I have mixed feeling about Iggy, but this song is fire.
    8. Janelle Monae is beautiful, talented, and this song is the best for dancing.
    9. This song is never old. Spice Girls forever.
  • 3/25/2016

    1. I love this group! This song is so catchy.
    2. Hyuna is practically the Korean Britney Spears.
    3. So I added her twice.
    4. Super Junior has 13 members! They also have super cool dance moves. Korean boy bands are crazy.
    5. Girls Generation is a massive girl group. So many people in these videos.
    6. miss A is kind of like a Destiny’s Child vibe. Lot’s of independent ladies.
    7. EXO is another boy band with amazing dance moves.
    8. 4minute is a massive girl group with an edgier feel.
    9. This is kind of crazy club vibe. One of the guys in it is named G Dragon. Pretty intense. I would get down this song.
  • 3/18/2016

    1. I love the spacey feel but romantic nostalgia of SEPARATE LIVES.
    2. I love Emily Wolfe’s voice and her heartfelt lyrics.
    3. Lapsley’s voice almost brings me to tears it’s so beautiful.
    4. Phoebe Ryan’s unique voice has brought her far past Ignition fame in Mine.
    5. I love everything Fantastic Negrito puts out, he has so much soul.
    6. I love Diet Cig’s unique and childish vocals with her unapologetic lyrics.
    7. Bleached are two sisters making grungy-rock.
    8. Anderson Paak is a prodigy of sorts. His songs are so unique and almost jazzy.
    9. The Crooke’s are classic alternative English.
  • 3/11/2016

    1. More seventies influence in this danceable POWERS song.
    2. ASTR does a beautiful cover of Drake’s hit.
    3. Pvris has these haunting vocals.
    4. Fun and youthful Zara Larsson’s song is so happy and light.
    5. Kygo and Ellla Henderson are a power duet.
    6. MisterWives totally embodies everything we stand for especially with this amazing song Reflections.
    7. Any time I see Matoma and Astrid S on a song I’m guaranteed to like it.
    8. Vagabond makes the perfect road-trip song.
    9. I love the jazzy piano in this MishCatt song it’s so catchy.
  • 3/4/2016

    1. I can’t get enough of this song by The Kills. Alison Mosshart is my queen.
    2. Halsey’s beautiful video for Colors just came out. Here’s a reminder how amazing and dreamy the song is.
    3. Troye Sivan is blowing up and his video for Youth is so good.
    4. M83 is back at it with this new song.
    5. 1975 is doing a lot of promos for their new album, this track has kind of a throwback quality about it.
    6. VERITE’s latest song is a darker and sadder song than her previous work, but those angelic vocals are so beautiful.
    7. LIGHTS is also taking a softer spin on here electric-pop.
    8. Mitski starts her song with a folky, soft feeling then builds it into an intense chorus.
    9. I can’t get over this new Kendrick Lamar album. It doesn’t fit on this playlist but I had to put this song somewhere.
  • 2/26/2016

    1. Bloc Party’s amazing dance anthem.
    2. Lena Fayre’s angelic vocals on this pop-heavy track.
    3. Basia Bulat has smoky vocals and vintage vibes.
    4. Kloe has a precious voice and that youthful sound.
    5. Fine Times are fun and weird.
    6. Lissie has a folk sound with a soulful edge.
    7. Fickle Friends are the epitome of indie pop.
    8. Emily Wolfe has stunning vocals and really beautiful instrumentation.
    9. I can’t get enough of Is Tropical’s playful Dancing Anymore.
  • 2/12/2016

    1. Young Rising Sons talk about the High
    2. Night Riots have that perfect 80’s vibe.
    3. Vinyl Theatre have a synth-heavy pop jam.
    4. The Griswolds have jus tthat right hint of folk.
    5. Saint Motel make the perfect, fun, song that seems to be in every commercial
    6. Walk The Moon’s festival smash.
    7. Young the Giant makes the most uplifting song about cough syrup
    8. Tongues is sample-heavy and catchy.
    9. The Neighbourhood makes an angsty funeral of youth.
  • 1/29/2016

    1. The best 70’s vibes from Tame Impala.
    2. Sunshine-soaked sng from Saltwater Sun
    3. An anthem on darker Weekend habits from Verite.
    4. Nothing is more catchy than BORNS Dopamine.
    5. Island beats and Grimes on California.
    6. The honey-infused vibes of Lana’s West Coast.
    7. Nothing is more road-trip ready than Zella Day’s East of Eden
    8. HAIM is always classic California cool with If I Could Change Your Mind.
    9. You can’t go wrong with the classic Electric Feel of MGMT.
  • 1/15/2016

    1. CHVRCHES always delivers.
    2. Grimes’ intense and dark cheerleader anthem.
    3. Halsey’s proclamation on our generation.
    4. Transviolet’s look at jailbait and girls your age.
    5. PHASES disco/eighties mashup of a perfect feel-good song.
    6. Astrid S. the swedish pop singer reflects on the restless early morning.
    7. ThatPoppy’s sugar-infused song about money.
    8. Purity-Ring’s powerful bodyache.
    9. Zola Jesus’s epic and intense Dangerous Days.
  • 1/1/2016

    1. Chetti’s seventies song with fun beats and effortless vocals.
    2. Gabrielle Aplin’s light pop-infused concoction.
    3. Alessia Cara has the perfect youthful song.
    4. Charlotte Cardin has modern jazz sounds with smoky vocals.
    5. Dua Lipa is the definition of sultry sounds.
    6. Lana Del Rey makes the perfect boy-watching song.
    7. Florence always sweeping in with dramatic goddess-like vibes.
    8. Ryn Weaver builds the perfect chorus in Pierre.
    9. Meg Myers’ unapologetic sexy song.
  • 12/4/2015

    1. Bishop’s haunting and powerful track River.
    2. The Lumineers have lovely piano instrumentals and folksie vocals.
    3. Jarry Jame’s mysterious Do You Remember.
    4. XYLO’s effortless and delicate vocals on the somber Afterlife.
    5. Jonathan Tyler has a driving song with strong Black Keys vibes.
    6. SOAK’s lovely sea allusions in Sea Creatures.
    7. Escondido’s desperate but beautiful Try.
    8. Jack Garratt reminds us why we love delayed beats in the powerful Worry.
    9. Frances uses sultry vocals over some sick beats in Borrowed Time.
  • 11/20/2015

    1. I’m convinced no one is more badass than Alison Mosshart
    2. Gossip’s Beth Ditto has some crazy vocals.
    3. Brittany Howard’s amazing guitar skills and remarkable vocals are just otherworldly
    4. Can’t go wrong with the classics, especially Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit.
    5. St. Vincent is a guitar goddess.
    6. Sleater-Kinney is the ultimate power trio.
    7. Courtney Barnett has some of the cleverest lyrics I’ve ever heard.
    8. I love Elle King’s unapolegetic vocals.
    9. Classic power frontwoman Debbie Harry,
  • 11/6/2015

    1. The western vibes of desert goddess Zella Day
    2. Bee Caves have the perfect driving music
    3. The lonely sounding horns of Evil Girls by Escondido
    4. Ryan Adams remakes Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams
    5. Asaf Avidan’s unique voice over a song that could be in a John Wayne film.
    6. The western inspired guitars from Two Against One
    7. Kaleo’s song may be Icelandic, but there is always something adventurous about that.
    8. Lissie is queen of the wild west.
    9. Again with Rome’s soft western vibes.
  • 10/30/2015

    1. The Kills are edgy and dark.
    2. Kanye’s Blood On The Leaves is chilling.
    3. Ciara’s wonderful and eerie rendition of Paint It Black
    4. The classic by Annie Lennox.
    5. The Weeknd’s hit that uses samples from horror films.
    6. Something always a little spooky about Jack White.
    7. Kanye’s nightmares are definitely made for Halloween.
    8. Jack White again with those spooky vibes.
    9. The classic crowd-pleaser with another Superstition.