Shamir Is Completely Original

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In 2015, I covered Pitchfork Music Festival and I remember seeing Shamir on stage with this crazy energy that had the whole crowd under a spell. Shamir has kept that energy his whole career, always pushing boundaries and using captivating visuals unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. I can’t think of another artist quite like him. He’s completely fearless in …

New Music Sunday: June 28 2020

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MIREI’s gorgeous voice perfectly compliments this absolute classic Sade song, and the reason behind the release is just as beautiful. MIREI says, “We’re all facing hard times since the COVID-19 outbreak, and are continuing to fight the pandemic and search for a sense of normalcy in this current state. We can’t be together right now, or share our love directly, …

Pitchfork Festival 2015

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Pitchfork Festival has been a must on my list for a while. The bands are more obscure the crowd is more…hmm…what’s the polite word… selective? Asides from the rain that had us temporarily stranded in the streets, the fest was a success. I ate a vegan corn dog and had a variety of hard ciders and I laughed when people thought it was hot outside. Chicago is full of wimps, just kidding, I couldn’t’ do winter here so we’ll call it even.