Adam French Is One To Watch

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Adam French has been making waves in the music world.  His latest "Wanna Be Here" has a truly poetic backstory and the video is stunning. We talked to him about how he got his start and what's been inspiring him lately.

Adam! How did you get started in music? 

That’s a long story! The brief version would be longing for a guitar as a kid, eventually being given an old battered classical one by a neighbour, making as much noise with it as possible... skip forward a bit and I found myself in bands as a teenager, then eventually moving into the solo project of now. 

Tell me about your song “Wanna Be Here” what’s the story behind it?

‘Wanna be here' is a song about the difference between happiness and comfort. A lot of the time, people settle for what’s in front of them whether that be good or bad. It’s never too late to remove toxic people from your life.

I love the video, can you explain the concept?

The video portrays a complicated love triangle, whilst highlighting hope in a difficult situation. There’s no right or wrong answer to what happiness should look like, and I think we managed to make that point. I instantly fell for Savvas’ script when I first read it. I’m glad you like it too. 

I love that happiness vs comfort angle, how do you know if a relationship is too comfortable and you’re not happy? 

You’ll know, even if you’re reluctant to admit it to yourself... that phrase ‘when you know, you know’ works both ways. 

What do you define as happiness? 

Not pretending to be somebody else... freedom within a healthy, passionate relationship. Complete trust and loyalty, friendship.  

What has been inspiring you lately?

Long flights and train rides, late night driving, awkward conversations, my iPhone voice memos, walking home in the early hours, controversial opinions on what love actually is. 

What’s your best piece of advice for young musicians?

Fail over and over again without quitting.

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