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I can honestly say that my favorite thing about TikTok (aside from meshing my career with my passion project) is the ability for me to discover new artists while scrolling through my for you page. I first saw Caleb's track "Always Been You," which is weird considering I am weirdly single, but I think it's obvious my page knows I'm a hopeless romantic. We got to chat about his latest EP and what's next for the year. 

When did you decide to start creating music and putting it out for your TikTok audience?

Caleb: I first started putting out music in 2019 while I was still working a full-time job. During the pandemic, I had some extra time, so I started experimenting with my sound and constantly posting on TikTok to figure out what felt right. At the end of 2020, I released "Always Be 2.0," which was the first song of mine that really felt like me. 

Tell us about the process of creating the EP.

Caleb: The EP is about a long period in my life where I was experiencing a ton of different emotions regarding heartbreak and figuring out the person I wanted to be. Instead of going into sessions with an idea about what song I wanted to write, I would just rant about how I was feeling that day and then create a song about it. This made the EP really raw and vulnerable since I put so many feelings into it. 

Which track are you most proud of for the fans to hear? 

Caleb: I'm excited for fans to hear "It Wasn't Me At All" since it will connect with anyone who has experienced a relationship where their significant other tries to manipulate them into thinking they're the problem. I haven't heard many songs discussing this topic, so I hope it hits home for them. I'm also excited about "Believe It When I See It" since it sounds different from what I usually release. I can't wait to see what fans think of it!

What are you most excited about going on tour?

Caleb: I'm excited to watch people connect to my music and to get to know my fans. I've connected with fans online for a few years, but I can't wait to see people sing my lyrics back to me since it's a feeling that blows me away every time. 

I can only imagine that it's the best feeling. Who are some artists you're currently listening to?

Caleb: I've been really into NEEDTOBREATHE lately. The lead singer has an incredible voice, and the band seamlessly combines so many different genres in their music. Also, I grew up listening to their music, so hearing their new releases brings back good memories. 

So what's next?

Caleb: I've been doing a lot of writing lately, so new music will definitely be coming soon. 

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