AUSTN Drops Chapter 1: IN BETWEENIN’

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AUSTN just dropped his debut EP and it is filled with the difficulties of dating in the Gen Z age. The EP shows off his talent for capturing that young love feeling. We talked to him about the new project, Julia Michaels, and staying authentic on social media.

How did you get stated in music?

AUSTN: So, let’s see, I started singing when I was probably 8 or 9 and no one in my family was really musical so it was kind of a shock and I just carried it with me. I progressively got better and better with it. I moved to LA for acting originally, after I did that for a year and a half, I kind of separated from it. I started meeting a lot of kids in the social media world and I started posting singing videos and getting a fanbase. Some manager found me and reached out to me and I was a little skeptical but my dad did a lot of digging and researching and we signed with them. They threw me in the studio and here I am.

Tell me about your musical inspirations.

AUSTN: Of course, Julia Michaels is my number one. How couldn’t she be? She’s so talented. As well as Billie Eilish, she’s super talented and I love her style. Recently, I’ve been looking up to Harry Styles a lot. I was never a huge One Direction fan but a friend introduced me to Harry Styles and was like “You need to listen to his music.” I listened to his whole album, I didn’t know his style changed so much.

I’m the same way with Harry, that album was incredible.

AUSTN: I think he’s just a great role model too.

He is!!! So tell me about your upcoming EP.

AUSTN: Its basically my first bunch of songs and they’re all based around falling in and out of love. I’m really excited about these songs and I wrote a couple on my own. “Wait For You” is one I wrote on my own and usually there’s a couple of writers and this one was just me and two producers and we got to know each other. I just spilled out my feelings on paper. It’s cool to see your own vision come to life in a song.

And it makes it more personal

AUSTN: Definitely

You have this huge social following, how do you stay authentic?

AUSTN: Staying grounded is a huge priority for me, I hate the thought of being famous or not having privacy. I want my fans to know that I’m still a normal person that’s just pursuing what they want to do.

And what would be your best piece of advice to someone who wants to be in music?

AUSTN: I would tell them that it’s not going to be easy and it will be one of the hardest things to do, but if this is the one thing you truly want to do then you should go completely for it. Julia Michaels told me, “Never change who you are or who you want to be based on other’s opinions, just stay the unique person you are.”

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