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Awgust infuses pop with an edge. He’s created blunt lyrics that mesh not only his R&B influence but also Latin sounds.. Born to Venezuelan parents, he spent his formative years in Texas. After touring with the likes of Fifth Harmony, Selena Gomez, Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block, he began his hand at singing and songwriting for himself. He’s incredibly talented and I cannot wait for what else he has up his sleeve. 

Your debut single, “Never“ features Sofia Reyes. What was it like to collaborate with her? 

Awgust: I was working with Sofia around this time last year and we wrote the track because we just coincidentally were working together in the studio a lot. She wrote a verse and I heard her voice and it clicked that this should be a duo. It was never intended, but I am glad it did. 

Who are some artists you’ve listened to who have inspired your music? 

Awgust: Growing up I was a huge Gwen Stefani and No Doubt fan. A little bit of hip hop and Sia’s portrayal of pop. 

Tell me about your creative process when creating a song? 

Awgust: It depends. I will say I never start with the percussion first. Sometimes it’s the sling of the guitar and I remember writing “Never” the day we created that, I spit it out and the producer played it for us. All of the songs I create are autobiographical. Quarantine has made it a bit weird, with no face to face interaction, but I’m adjusting. 

Speaking of quarantine, have you binged any shows or picked up any new hobbies?

Awgust: I definitely watched Joe Exotic in March. Recently, I think I’ve exhausted my ‘treat yourself’ button. Now, I’m in the habit of forcing myself to read. 

I was able to attend your showcase the other month. Has quarantine shaped anything or enhanced anything in your songwriting? 

Awgust: It feels like a double-edged sword. The obvious is that it’s great to meet in person and start singing live, but in the last year or so in my life, I’ve felt more anxious so creating this album has been more therapeutic and I’ve been able to peel back layers and become more vulnerable. Doing all of this on Zoom has been training wheels.

What’s something you want fans to know?

Awgust: Um something super short - if they haven’t listened to my music, they should. And go vote! 

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