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If you know anything about Big Wild, you know he loves nature and incorporating his musical passions into it. Catching up with the artist backstage at Austin City Limits was nothing short of refreshing. He told me about the acai bowls he consumed earlier that day, as well as his eco-friendly tour and following passions. 

So, the first question I have for you is, how did you come up with the moniker Big Wild?

Big Wild: It was inspired by my first trip to Big Sur when I was 24. I'm from Massachusetts, and that was my first time in California, and I just was kind of struck by the beauty of it. I wanted to start a project about being curious, exploring, and just being adventurous, so I borrowed Big from Big Sur and then Wild from being in the wild. 

Yes! And this falls into my next question. I know you're a big health and earth-conscious individual. Tell me about your passion and how you were able to utilize that while touring. 

Big Wild: So when I was hiking, I was surrounded by the woods, and I spent a lot of time outdoors, and when I became a teenager, I became into music and it sort of flipped. I felt that the outside balanced the inside, so when I created Big Wild, I think creating the imagery was pretty natural. Having the environment in, ya know? But Even when we're selling the merch, we're trying to use recycled materials and try to use the most eco-friendly supplies and give people high-quality products, so it lasts longer. Kind of like the Patagonia mindset, which I expect. We want to always do the best we can - cut out plastic bottles on tour and get better at our riders, too, so we don't create all this food to waste. I'll also be making a portion of the shows to a handful of charities. 

I love this. I want to know more about your sophomore album. Tell me about the inspiration and process of creating that. 

Big Wild: Yeah. It's called The Efferusphere, and I guess the best way to talk about it is to describe it. So the Efferusphere is the emotional atmosphere that surrounds us all. And it's not something you can get to. It's just a mindset. It allows you to see, feel or touch your emotions. It allows you to be self-reflective. It's like when you're caught up in a storm and angry, and you realize you don't have to. So I wanted to create something that lends itself and leads to self-reflecting and allows listeners to learn about themselves. 

Totally get it. And in doing this, you also learn about the world.

Big Wild: Yes! And you learn more about other people. You can be more compassionate and more forgiving. That's how the first song and the album start with - it's all about forgiving, and I think that's the first step in making any progress with yourself. 

I think in creating this, you've paved the way for your album. So what are some of the common themes that have been the inspiration for your music? 

Big Wild: I feel like, in general, the biggest thing about being Big Wild is just being curious. 

So, if you were to give an aspiring artist advice on pursuing music, what would it be?

Big Wild: Not shying away from things. Having the courage and continuing to push through if you really have your heart set on it. Continue pushing forward through that if you really have your heart set on it.

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