Bizzy On Documenting Heartbreak

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If you've been following The New Nine, then you've already become familiar with one of our favorite artists. Alt-pop songstress BIZZY always knows how to weave gut-wrenching lyrics effectively with ultra-catchy melodies to create pop perfection. 

BIZZY's latest EP, I Don't Get Breakups, meticulously documents her heartache in real-time, a six-track emotional tapestry that marries previously released singles with their reimagined counterparts. 

Consisting of palpable angst, infectious hooks, and clever lyricism, I Don't Get Breakups is the perfect compilation for a cathartic session of sing-screaming in your car. 

We got the chance to speak with BIZZY about her new EP, finding closure, and what else we can expect from her in the near future. 

In this EP, you've decided to revisit some older, already-released songs. Where did this idea come from to revamp - and why now? 

Bizzy: When I wrote "I Don't Get Breakups" (the song), it felt like I had written the final chapter of a story I had been living for the past five years. Each one of the songs on the EP was a chapter in that book, and I wanted the listeners to be able to experience it the same way I had lived it. 

Did revisiting some of these old songs reopen old wounds or, in opposition, give you some sense of closure? 

Bizzy: Closure for sure. It was really a healing process to go back and reimagine the old music. It allowed me to heal in ways that I didn't know I needed. Especially in "Just Yet (His Side)," adding a duet and a new second verse to that song really gave me a new perspective on that relationship. 

This EP allows listeners to grieve a breakup in real-time. Can you tell us a bit more about this concept? 

Bizzy: It's funny because when you say "concept," it makes it sound like I planned this out, but in reality, I was just going through a breakup myself, and in order to process it, I wrote about it. When I wrote I Don't Get Breakups, it felt like I had finally said everything I needed to say about this breakup, and when I looked back, I realized I had written a whole story through my grieving process. That's when I got the idea to put it all together and let the listener experience it the same way I lived it. Also, if they are going through a breakup themselves, they have a song for each emotion, sad, angry, confused – it's all on the EP! 

What do you hope listeners take away from this particular project? 

Bizzy: I think the biggest thing is that it's OK to feel 100 contradicting emotions at one time. That was the biggest takeaway I had in going through my breakup. One day, I hated them, then 5 seconds later, I missed them, and it felt like some of those feelings were "wrong" or I "shouldn't" feel them, but feeling ALL of them is what lets you heal. 

Congrats on signing to Big Loud Rock! How do you think being signed to a label will further fuel and expand your artistry? 

Bizzy: THANK YOU!! I'm truly so excited to be a part of the Big Loud family. I honestly didn't know a label like this existed. It's been a dreammmm. I think the team and support at Big Loud are going to be what furthers my career the most. I've always loved group projects (I know, a contradictory topic, lol), but it's true! I love working with a team, especially one full of good people who share the same vision.

Do you have any other exciting upcoming projects you can tell us about? What can fans expect next from BIZZY? 

Bizzy: Ahhhh SO MUCH TO COME!! I can't say anything yet, but there will be lots and lots of new music 🙂

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