BØRNS The Wonder Boy Talks About Dopamine

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When BØRNS took the stage at Austin City Limits last year he must have known he was right on the cusp of being a star. His magnetism on stage, yellow floral jacket, and perfect hair made him one of the most memorable performers at the massive festival. Even in the Texas heat it’s impossible not to dance to his set. His unique, high-pitched voice maintains a sultriness that recalls the subtle sensuality of a young Robert Plant, subtle sensuality. That’s you, BØRNS.

Garrett Borns, who goes by BØRNS when performing, is from Grand Haven, Michigan, but now resides in Los Angeles. He talked to us about his inspirations and dealing with expectations.

He draws a lot of inspiration from the blended landscapes of Michigan and LA and tries to channel vibes from classic artists like the Beach Boys and the Bee Gees. He doesn’t know why he started making music but that’s also what draws him to it. He says, “There doesn’t have to be a “why” when it comes to making art.”

His last EP Candy already made waves as an instant classic. The songs were as sweet as the title with standouts “Electric Love” and “10,000 Emerald Pools”. His sound is best described as dreamy and soulful. He said that his new album ‘Dopamine‘ would be even more lyrically romantic and would put listeners into their own world.

Dopamine is BØRNS’s first full-length album and it definitely impresses. The title track is composed of sharp, quick, beats and could be the catchiest on the album. The honey-soaked “Clouds” is a slower, more romantic track. “American Money” is a dramatic and shows off strong lyricism and story-telling. Even though he’s been hailed as a wunderkind, BØRNS doesn’t have a “process”. He says, “It’s a lot more enjoyable to float down your stream of consciousness and see where it takes you.”

BØRNS is more influenced by location and feelings rather than concrete things. He likes to draw inspiration from muses whether they’re real or just imaginary. Dopamine being inspired only by the “chemical connection to a lover.”

He is only in the beginning of his career and one thing he’s thankful for are his fans and the lessons he’s learned on tour.
He says, “Listeners have been very gracious to me so far, but there is a long way to go.”


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