Isaac Dunbar Is A Whole Vibe

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Isaac Dunbar truly is SUCH.A.VIBE. His dreamy vocals match his dreamy personality. We got to catch up backstage at Austin City Limits and it was so awesome to hear about the inspiration behind his alter ego, his music and what’s coming up next for him.  I LOVE your outfit so, so much. Isaac Dunbar: Thank you! I love your eyeshadow. …

ACL 2017

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Everyone in Austin has mixed feelings about ACL, the annual mega-fest that takes place at Zilker Park every year. It’s insanely crowded and hot but this year, the lineup was too good ot pass up. I ate a total of 4 P. Terry’s veggie burgers, got two distinctive sunburns, applied 4 layers of mosquito repellent, acquired 10 mosquito bites anyway, cried 3 times, and lost my voice just once.

Austin City Limits 2016

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This year as I overcame my constant social anxiety and journeyed to ACL, I couldn’t help but feel….frustrated. I love a good festival, I really do. This year ACL’s lineup seemed highly done before. I’ve seen most of these bands a good 4 or 5 times this year (except you Radiohead). However, the weather was nice, I had applied 10 layers of sunblock and was ready to hit the crowds.

Austin City Limits 2015

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Austin City Limits, it’s hard to tell what the defining festival of the year is but this is definitely one of them. This year’s line-up was spectacular. This festival is so great mainly because it’s in the fall and the weather is so nice in Austin. These videos aren’t from the festival but just live performances I enjoyed so you get the same vibes.