You Won’t Find Someone like A R I Z O N A

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I adore A R I Z O N A. I discovered the group when they popped up on my Discover Weekly on Spotify and I was so excited to get to talk to them at Coachella. We talked about their festival gigs and their tour coming up this summer. This is your debut at the festival. Tell me about the …

Sofi Tukker Is A Festival Staple For A Reason

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Sofi Tukker is no stranger to the Coachella scene. This is now their second time around the desert, but this time they’re back and bigger and better. I was able to catch up with them coming up on their many shows across America and Australia and we talked about their new era. What’s Fantasy look like on a Coachella scale? …

SG Lewis On Collabs And Coachella

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SG Lewis was one of the coolest people I met at Coachella last month. It could help that his name is also Sam, but his personality was just gravitating. You could tell that he just loved to have fun and wasn’t afraid to share his music with anyone. Seriously, he joked to Billboard last month about crashing parties with his …

Coachella 2019: Our Favorites Acts

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I was lucky enough to attend Beychella last year so I knew this year’s had to be something special. Needless to say, this year did not disappoint either. I’m not sure if it’s the heat, but there’s an overwhelming feeling about setting foot onto the grounds and being greeted by all the colorful art exhibits. It almost makes me forget …

How To Prep For Coachella 2019

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Festival season is among us and if you’re anything like me and enjoy looking glam while enjoying good music, you’ll know that having the right attire and product is key. Check below for all our product recs as well as who we’re stoked to see! Follow Sam on her journey on Instagram but she’ll be on our account all day too. …

The Regrettes Are Your New Obsession

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Coachella has a lot of incredible acts this year but we came back from the massive festival absolutely obsessed with The Regrettes. They brought this youthful energy to the festival that not a lot of acts could muster, I don’t even mean just their ages but their outspokenness and their energy. With their projects, ‘Feel Your Feelings, Fool!’ and ‘Attention Seeker’ The band is already causing waves in the music world but we just want to emphasize how this band of young women (and their equally badass male drummer Maxx) became the coolest band at Coachella.

Everything That Happened at Coachella 2018

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Coachella is truly a magical festival. The sprawling scene is so large that my friend’s Fitbit countered over 20 miles that we walked. Coachella’s allure starts with the location: the desert sky, the mountains in the background dotted by art installations, the hot but dry weather, it’s truly beautiful.