New Music Alert: KAYTA’s “TY”

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KATYA just dropped her new song “TY” and we can’t get enough of it. She effortlessly blends hip-hop and R&B with a sound that is truly hers. Her vulnerable and honest lyrics are the standout and this song keeps with her empowering theme. KAYTA explains, “In the past years, my circle of friends has significantly gotten smaller. I was the type …

Yianna Is One-Of-A-Kind

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Yianna’s journey into music is incredible. Prior to becoming a singer-songwriter, her plan was to join the army, but then she fell into a group of music lovers in New York and the rest is history. Her soulful voice has so many layers. Her latest, “Heavy Waters” is about being in the middle of a bad relationship and not knowing …

Put RØYLS On Your Radar

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RØYLS is a three-piece and they’re here to join the masses of boy bands making a comeback. Their debut single, “Savages” isn’t about the most uplifting topic but it’s definitely a bop. The 3 boys are no stranger to the industry. Liam Ross, Sean Killeen and Drew Dirksen all were in previous bands before forming this eclectic trio. We are …

Ignorance And Persistence And Willful Belligerence: An Interview With Emily Wells

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Emily Wells has the most poetic way of phrasing, her latest album, This World Is Too __ For You is an ambitious concept album about humanity. We talked to her about climate change, being a woman, and the book she’s been obsessed with recently. How did you get started in music? Emily: I got started in music by playing the violin …

Watch and Wait: Ella Vos Is Back

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After taking some much needed time off, Ella Vos is back and her new EP, Watch and Wait– out January 25th– is even more raw, emotional, and inspirational than her last album. I completely fell in love with Vos’s music when I had the honor of interviewing her a year ago, and her new music journey is making me fall all over again. About her lymphoma diagnosis, this EP finds the silver lining in her hardships and gives meaning and words to emotions we all experience.