Carlie Hanson: New Boundaries, New Sounds

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I ADORE Carlie Hanson. Seeing her transform through the years and through various stages of her music has been amazing - even as a bystander. I loved catching up with her on her latest projects and what she’s got planned for fans. She dropped her latest, “Off My Neck” teasing this era and her debut album to drop next year. 

Carlie, it's been about two years since we've talked! What's the difference between this era and songs of the past?

Carlie: Hello!! Hope you are doing well!!  I feel like a lot has changed since my past releases. Especially if we are talking about my first EP, Junk. I am 21 now and I was freshly 19 when Junk came out! First off, we’ve all gone through one of our craziest years here on earth and that alone is enough for my songwriting and art to shift into something new. During quarantine, I got into producing music on my own and playing guitar more, I feel like I have a new perspective walking into sessions with big-time producers - LOL!  And, I actually have a better understanding of what the fuck we’re doing. Simply having more confidence in myself has made me more willing to press new boundaries - writing with new people, and exploring new sounds as well. 

Which song are you particularly proud of?

Carlie: I’m proud of all my songs, but if I really had to choose one that I hold dear to my soul it would probably be Stealing All My Friends or Hazel. I really put my heart into both of those songs. Stealing All My Friends we were up till 4 in the morning getting the lyrics right and honestly just talking about our struggles with losing people we love and stories that we’ve heard. It was more than just writing a song, it really felt special and connected.

What can you tell us about the album?

Carlie: The album is fucking lit. You get a good mix of pop bops and then also this new side of me that fans really haven’t seen yet. A lot of alternative inspiration. Whether it comes from Third Eye Blind, Jean Dawson, Frank Ocean, 070 Shake... there are a few on there where I tried to stray away from what fans usually hear from me. I promise you there’s not a song you’ll want to skip, like for fcking real. I want this album to act as a safe space for my fans. Every song was a therapy session for me, and I want anyone who listens to really feel connected and heard. 

What are you excited about this year?

Carlie: I’m most excited to get out and play more shows. It was truly the biggest drag not being able to play in 2020. I’m also just so excited to drop this album and hear what my fans have to say about it! So so so excited about the future.

Keep up with Carlie Hanson on Spotify and Instagram to stay tuned.

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