Charlotte Sands Is A Name You Need To Know

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Charlotte Sands went viral with her song "Dress" and for good reason, her shimmery melodies and catchy choruses are sure to get stuck in your head. She recently came out with her single "All My Friends are Fake," and it is an energetic song definitely worth jamming to. We talked to her about future plans and what made her get into music. 

If you can remember, what was the moment that made you get into music?

Charlotte: There were a lot of moments that made me get into music. I was really lucky to have really creative and musical parents who always encouraged me to be involved in creative arts and introduced me to artists who continue to inspire me. Music was always a part of my life, and I honestly don't remember a time growing up when there wasn't someone playing a guitar or singing around the house. It was a collection of all of those moments that made me start writing and singing along, which is how I got here!

Tell me more about "All My Friends Are Falling in Love"?

Charlotte: "All My Friends Are Falling in Love" is truly one of my favorite songs I've ever written. The song is about feeling isolated when you're around people and watching your friends fall in love and get into relationships when you're not. It can be a really lonely time, especially when you're on a different life cycle, and it definitely makes friendships and all relationships challenging! This song to me is a validation of the feeling of being isolated and alone, no matter how many people you're surrounded by. What you feel is what you feel, and this song is my way of expressing those emotions.

What are some of your hobbies outside of music?

Charlotte: I love to read and be outside as much as possible. This career path can get really competitive and emotionally draining at times, and being in nature always seems to help me get back to center and gives me space to think through everything on my own time!

If you were talking to yourself ten years ago, what would you tell yourself?

Charlotte: I would tell myself that nothing matters as much as you think it does, and you are allowed to change and grow whenever you want to. I would also tell myself that being weird and not fitting in is going to end up being your power and the thing that connects you to others in the future, so hang in there!

What's coming up for you?

Charlotte: So much fun stuff!! I'm always working on new music and am so excited for you to hear the new songs! Also, I will be playing Bonnaroo in September and Unsilent Night in December, which I am so excited for. I'll definitely be playing a lot of shows this year and hopefully in a city near you!

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