DallasK’s “Try Again” Is The Shimmery Song You Need Right Now

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DallasK knows pop music. From being behind the scenes with Fifth Harmony's "Work From Home" to countless others, his latest collab, "Try Again," has taken over pop charts. We spoke to him to learn more about his journey into music and what else is on the horizon for him. 

Dallas, so tell me, how did you get started in music?

Dallas: As a fan, my love for music started very early. My parents always used to have music on; whether it was the radio in the car or CDs at the house, I was lucky enough to get exposed to a ton of different music when I was growing up. When I was around 8 or 9, I begged my parents to buy me turntables so I could learn how to DJ, and instead, they bought me a guitar (which I now am very thankful for), so I started learning rock songs and attempting to start bands with my friends. Then in middle school, through my band teacher, I got to play around on garage band and learn about the world of recorded music. My older cousin also introduced me to Fruity Loops, and from there, I was hooked on making music on a computer. I got back into DJing and promoting parties in college and was making songs and sending them to indie labels and blog owners. From there, people started reaching out to book me to play shows in different cities…I couldn't believe it. But all of that led me to get my first booking agent and really start touring as well as finding my management and team.

Have you always wanted to create electronic-pop music?

Dallas: I had always loved dance music, even when I was really young, and my career in the music industry started with me making electronic dance music. It was through that that I was able to meet incredible songwriters, artists, and producers and discover that I not only had a desire to also make pop records, but I was talented at it. So since that time, I've been trying to merge those two sounds in my artist project. 

Tell me about your new song "Try Again" ft Lauv.

Dallas: This is a song that has had a long and unique story to go from writing to release. It was originally written in 2016 with Lauv and Michael Pollack when I had invited them to Florida to write some songs with me. We had all just met, and we're making a lot of music together. From there, the song became one of our favorites, but shortly after, Lauv's artist project exploded, and it wasn't one of the songs that we were working on for him. He and I continued working on his project, and it was during a trip to Joshua Tree in 2020 where we rediscovered it, and Ari (Lauv) asked if it was something I would want to release as a collaboration. The original production wasn't a dance record, however. So we totally remade it from scratch to fit both of our sounds better. I'm super happy with how the version you hear today sounds, and I think it allows for our original lyrics to really shine through. 

Who are some artists you'd want to collaborate with in the future?

Dallas: My go-to answer for this question is always Daft Punk, but now that they have parted ways, I'm not sure how to answer this one! Some artists that I really love are The 1975, Bad Bunny, SG Lewis, and Phoenix. I have a super eclectic music taste, so I really want to try some genre-bending collaborations for my next songs. 

What else can we expect from you this year? 

Dallas: My plan for this year is to release all the singles that I've had since 2020 and everything I've made this year. I have some incredible collaborations with amazing writers and artists, so I'm very excited to share those with everyone! Other than that, getting back to touring will be so fun and refreshing to hear people interact with my music live! 

Lastly, what's something you want fans to know about you?

Dallas: Just to expect the unexpected. Life is short, so my goal is to have fun with my music and not get too caught up in the expectations of my past music.

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