Das Body Is Breaking The Mold

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Das Body is an innovative industrial pop band from Norway that melds together pulverising rythymns and dynamic lyricism that cuts to the core. It’s impossible to not pay attention to them. We talked to lead singer Ellie Linden about what inspired their new album and the challenges they’ve faced.

How did Das Body form?

Ellie: I coincidentally bumped into Kim at Bonanza - our favorite bar in Oslo. We started talking about the future as people do when they've had one too many. Turned out, we had more in common than just favorite bars. We agreed on what was missing in the Norwegian - and probably also the international - pop scene, so we decided to bring some ideas and meet up to develop together. Pretty quickly, we figured out the kind of people we needed for the project and got both of our top choices on board: Patrik on guitar and backing vocals, and Didrik on drums.

Tell me about True Vulture, how did it come together, what was this inspo behind it?

Ellie: On this album we've worked with producer, Erlend Mokkelbost, and explored how we can bring more of our live energy and sound into the studio. This has accumulated into a new creative workflow. While we previously worked a lot "in the box," we now use more analog gear and live instruments, and we try to be more effective in the songwriting process.

I'm not sure if live recording in the studio, and those old analog synths actually give a different sound and a different energy in themselves. But the point is that the method becomes different anyway when you play and make choices right there and then, with real instruments, instead of working with a computer mouse and having endless editing options. And it's incredibly satisfying to be able to deliver the same thing at concerts as what we did in the studio. At least for us, it feels more cohesive.

And as per usual, the inspiration and theme for all our songs: they're about paaaiiin.

Is there a song that you're especially excited to perform live?

Ellie: Right now, my favorite is No Love Will Shine On Me! Probably because Patrik made me some stilts from some scrap wood he found outside our studio. Now, I can finally be 2.5 meters tall, walking through the crowd during the dystopian outro of the track, looking the way I've always felt.

What has been inspiring you lately?

Ellie: We get inspired by people who do things differently in their field. It doesn't have to be music - it can also be books, movies, contemporary art, anything really. We rarely find inspiration from musicians who work with music similar to ours, at least not consciously, but of course, we're unconsciously influenced, like everyone else.

Lately, I've actually been listening quite a bit to K-pop. It's pretty far from our own music, but I still find some of it interesting in different ways. Just goes to show how something can inspire without necessarily being similar. 

What artists have been on rotation for you lately?

Ellie: I recently discovered a new Norwegian artist named "Ora the Molecule." She seems intriguing. It feels like she's "on a mission," you know what I mean? It's something more than just lazy songwriting about ex-lovers and whining about small things that aren't quite perfect in life, with worn-out and lazy productions, just trying to grab a fleeting spot on a list among a million musical twins. Maybe that's a bit harsh? But anyway, it's inspiring to see someone aiming for something different.

What has been one of the biggest challenges in your career?

Ellie: Creating pop music that doesn't necessarily fit the commercial mold, like pop music is supposed to, well, that's challenging in itself. It's exhausting trying to convince industry folks and collaborators that most commercial choices aren't always right for us. 

What's your best advice for young women in music?

Ellie: Avoid people who push you into doing things you're not into, and steer clear of people who derail you from your ambitions and goals, making you do other things. 

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